Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fishy Smell

Another weekend update for those of you that care to read my blog. I had my boys J2 and AT again this weekend, and I think they had a good time. DJ took them fishing on Saturday while I worked. Now I don't care for fishing, so I thank God for DJ who likes to do things like that, because my boys enjoy it. So at least they have someone that they can go fishing with now. The fish are still sitting out on our patio in a cooler, rotting. But at least they had fun fishing. I have a picture of Jordan with his big catch of the day. I bet he about shit his pants when he pulled that damn thing out of the lake. DJ said he wished he would have gotten a picture of his face when he pulled it out. Of course I had to deal with the fishy smell the rest of the weekend.

I watched Family Stone last night with DJ, and we were both quite surprised. We were not expecting such a good movie, but it was really good. Diane Keaton as always gave a great performance. It is one I am sure we will watch over and over again. DJ had tears in his eyes as the credits were rolling. Well I had tears too but that is normal for me, I cry at Bambi and stupid movies like Lord of the Rings. DJ hardly ever gets emotional while watching pictures. Good thing Silver wasn't watching it with us, we would have to mop up the floor afterwards. But seriously it was a great movie.

Sunday morning DJ got up and made his great breakfast. I am a lucky man, he can cook!! It was wonderful, then we spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. Now it is back to the mental ward tomorrow, I just pray that this week will be as calm as last week.

That is it for the weekend update, see you alter in the week.

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