Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Eating Out

DJ and I don't do a whole lot of eating out, but over the past week we have eaten at Red Lobster twice. I love seafood for two reasons.

1. I love any kind of seafood, as it is wonderful. MMMMM Scallops, Lobster, shrimp..
2. It works like a major aphrodisiac (sp) on me.

The movie "Eating Out" also worked like #2 above on me. It was my first purchase from TLA Videos, and I must say I was disappointed in the movie. The plot was good, and Ryan Carnes (who played Mark Everhard, love that last name) and Scott Lunsford (who played Caleb Peterson, is there something phallic with these last names or what?) were just YUMMY.

Especially the sex scene and the full frontal nudity.

But they could have done SO much more with this storyline. I felt the entire film was rushed, which did not allow any character development at all. But then I would consider this soft porn actually, so who needs a plot right? My favorite character was Tiffani, played by Rebekah Kocham. She was much better than Tori Spelling in Trick, that's for sure, but the same type of character.

But the movie did give me a little sexual appetite, but we didn't go out to eat afterwards...

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