Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Dreams May Come

Let me start off with saying that I have the most incredible husband on earth. I came home last night to a fantastic home cooked steak dinner with candlelight, and not one box of chocolates, but two! Thanks DJ, I love you, but we were supposed to wait until Friday or Saturday, so you better watch out this weekend!

I mentioned in a post last week about the strange dreams that I have been having of late. Well the last few nights have been no exception. Sunday night I dreamed that I was with child. Yes, I was pregnant! Now where that came from is beyond me, except I had spent Saturday shopping with Princess in the baby department of JC Penny's. But I didn't actually have the baby, I was just pregnant, and having labor pains. Yes, highly strange.

Then last night I had a dream of one of Silver's old friends. He was actually just an acquaintance of mine through Silver. I have not seen this guy is quite a while, and do not understand why I would dream of him. But I did. We were on a ski trip with him and his current boyfriend who happened to be none other than...

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Quite an adventure I may add. We were staying in a remote cabin in some mountains, and we ventured out on a little hike and got lost in the snow and ice. Suddenly Silver's friend (Who's name I can not even recall) began falling down the side of a cliff and Jake tried to save him, but he was lost. That left Silver, DJ, Jake and myself lost in the mountains. Finally Jake decided that maybe he could call for help by using his cell phone. Within minutes we were boarding a helicopter leaving Silver's friend behind. Not sure if he was dead or what, but we didn't even mention him to our rescuers. Once we arrived back to safety we each decided to shower and get dressed. That's when Jake and I got naked together and showered. That is also when the damn alarm went off and woke me.

Now I am pretty sure I dreamed of Jake because I think he is, well HOT. But why this acquaintance? Some one I have not seen in about two years and why did he fall of the cliff and we not report it to anyone? Maybe I am making too much out of the dream, but then again who knows. I think I will call Silver and ask him if he has heard from this guy. He may be stranded somewhere on some snow covered mountain!

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