Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby

DJ is 26 today. It is so hard to believe that he was only a mere 20 when we met and immediately a connection was made. Six years later we are still together and more in love than the first day. I know it sounds corny but it is true. The passion, the respect, the intimacy, the attraction is still there. We went out to dinner together tonight at Olive Garden and of course we came home and had dessert!

We started celebrating his birthday Saturday. Actually not only his birthday but both his and his mother's who will turn 47 tomorrow. Almost his entire family went out Saturday night at BW3 and then we headed back to Mama D's house for drinks and kareoke. DJ had a great time, as well as his mother. I don't think in the six years that I've known him I've seen him quite as drunk as he was Saturday night. He even sang Kareoke, which he NEVER does. His mom thought she was Gladys Knight, and I was her Pips, as she sang "Midnight Train to Georgia" about 10 times!

This picture is DJ, this was after he already had enough to take the microphone, but had not yet started dancing in his mother's living room!

Sorry Babe, but you knew when I got the new camera I'd be posting pictures! I love ya!


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