Monday, February 13, 2006

Cell Phone Etiquette

I finally entered into the 21st century. DJ and I have purchased cell phones. They are prepaid phones, but it is a start. Most people that know me, know that cell phone users are one of my greatest pet peeves, so no I am not giving you a list of things that people should do when they are owners of a cell phone. But I am going to give a list of things that I refuse to do regarding my cell phone.

1) I will not talk and drive on my cell phone at the same time. This annoys me to no end when I get by a driver who is chatting away on the phone and paying no attention to driving.
2) If I am at home I will NOT answer my cell phone. Mainly do to the fact that I have prepaid minutes, so why waste them. So call my home number first and if no answer then call the cell.
3) If I am out at a restaurant, or being waited on in a retail store I will not answer my phone. That is rude to those waiting on me.
4) My phone is on vibration when at a restaurant as to not annoy the people at the tables around me.
5) I also will not answer the cell phone when with someone else while I am eating. Who ever I am with will get my undivided attention.

Those are my rules and I'm sticking to them.

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