Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dream Crazy

I have been having some really strange, crazy dreams lately. Unfortunate they do not involve Tom Welling or Matthew Fox. But really odd dreams with the strangest of people in them. Not that the people are strange, but the fact these people are friends but not ones that I would think would be in my dreams. Like the one I had Saturday night, it was really crazy. I was dreaming that I was at church during a church service. Now that in itself is strange enough, but not only was I in church, but there in a jogging outfit, but with no shoes on. Sitting next to me is who I will call, "WIWG" which stands for Wish I Was Gay. This guy is a room mate of DJ's Sister, "Budlite". I name him that as he is definitely, boringly str8, but I think he wishes he was gay. WIWG was sitting next to me totally engrossed in the sermon, but also wearing a jogging suit and no shoes. Suddenly from the back of the church "Red" (Budlite's other room mate) comes running up the aisle, again in a lycra jogging suit and no shoes and sits down next to me. Then she exclaims in her typical loud voice...
"Let's get the fuck out of this shit hole now! I'm bored as hell!"

After her exclamation of course everyone in the congregation turns and looks towards us, and we get up and leave in our bare feet, and lycra jogging pants.

What is so odd about this dream is that "Red" would never be in a church, and she certainly wouldn't go in a jogging suit if she did. Same for me or WIWG.

Sometimes dreams are just plain crazy! I think I'll call Red and see if she went to church Sunday.

Hope you like the new look, a little more color is always good.

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