Saturday, February 18, 2006

Open Mouth...

Went out to dinner last night at Wild Mike's, (a barbecue wings sports bar)with Budlite and Red, and DJ's parents. In attendance was one of Red's friends, Chris. I had never met him before and he came in after we had eaten and was having a beer. When he went to the bar I went over to ask Red who he was, and of course as I normally do I made a speculation about his sexual orientation.

Me: So your friend, is he gay?
Red: Oh, not at all.
Me: Yeah right
Red; Trust me on this Michael, he is not gay. You think everyone is gay.
Me: He "looks" gay to me

Unknown to me he had arrived back at the table and heard my last comment.

Chris: Hi, I am Chris and no I'm not gay but I get that all the time. Thanks for the compliment.

We hit it off after that talking about his recent divorce and his ex-wife and his two year old son. So the foot wasn't in my mouth for too long.
But I still think he's gay!

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regwa said...

does your behaviour change when he's gay? and why?