Monday, February 28, 2005

Struck Out

I really struck out on my predictions this year for the Oscars. Good thing I didn't bet! Hope you didn't use my predicitions to place any bets. I was 1 out of 6, I think that's my worse ever!

Movie: I said Aviator the Academy said Million Dollar Baby
Actor: I got this one right, but who didn't? Jamie Foxx
Actress: I went for the longshot Imelda Staunton, Hilary Swank got her 2nd statue.
Supp. Actor: I said Clint, but thankfully the Oscar went to Morgan Freeman.
Supp Actress: I really thought Virgina Madsen would win, but Cate Blanchett took the gold
Director: Is Martin ever going to win one? That award went to Clint Eastwood.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

An Oscar-Worthy Birthday Party

Today is DJ's day. The 25th anniversary of his birth. He was born the day before his mother's 21st birthday. We had a party for him last night.

We met first at BW3 for good food, drinks and family. There were 23 people in attendence. His mother, sisters, step-father, aunts, uncles and cousins. Plus my parents! Yeah my mom and dad came to celebrate with his family. They even had a card for him. It referred to him as family. I think mom and dad have finally claimed him as part of their family. It was nice they came. I think they had a good time.

After the dinner we headed back to Momma D's place. (DJ's mom). Where we continued to drink and drink and drink. DJ made his special Italian Surfers, with an added punch of Black Haus in it. I didn't drink any of that thank goodness, but DJ sure did. Before the night was over he was doing the "Booty Call" in the living room with his mom and sisters.

Ms. Patrick ( a co-worker of DJ's) and I had a bet on when he would pass out. She said before 2 am, I said after. At 2:15 am he was lying in the floor of the bathroom in the basement; stark naked, holding onto the throne. He then looked at me and says in a slurred little boy voice: "I want my don't care do you? Please can I have my pillows?" I retrieved his pillows and about three minutes later he was gone. I won the $16.00

When he awoke this morning he put on his glasses to find that one of the lenses were missing. How, when, where and why it was missing is still a mystery, and it was never found. So off to LensCrafters we went this morning, hungover.

All in all it was a great time.

Now for another party later this evening. Me, DJ & our three cats curled up on the sofa watching this years Academy Awards. There really is no reason to watch them, as according to all the polls, Jamie Foxx, Hilary Swank and the Aviator seem to have it wrapped up, but who knows. Plus I am curious just how tame Chris Rock will be or not be. I think that's the reason most people will be watching the show this year.

But one award you won't see at the Academy Awards has already been given:
Everyone's Favorite Drunken Birthday Boy Award ....(drumroll) goes to DJ.
Happy Birthday Baby.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Seeing Stars

Have you seen Sideways yet? If you recall I had a posting back a few weeks ago about the connection (however small) I have with that movie. A good friend has one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie, even though it's the last five minutes. Our very own Missy Doty from right here in Cincinnati is the infamous waitress that beds Thomas Hayden Church's charecter. She is getting some well-deserved promotion on her role. Here are some links to see what they are saying about our girl Missy.

Talking Sideways, a Conversation with Missy Doty.
Cincinnati Enquirer, Tempo Section; A Minute with Miss Doty

I have to say that Missy deserves this. She's always been a star to us and now it's great to see her coming into her own and others seeing what we already knew. I'm trying to get her to do an interview with me to post right here on REALITY CHECK, for all of you, but I doubt she'd answer the questions I would ask. Well she would. I just couldn't publish them!!

Her sense of humor was just perfect for the role, and I got a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of her in the future. (Well we saw QUITE A BIT of her in this film!!) Way to go Missy! We Love you!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pain in the Ass

I wasn't going to do this.

I mean I do have some things in my life that are sacred and I think should remain personal. Not blog material.

And this was going to be one of them.

But after an entire day of being made fun of, laughed at and ridiculed (even by my very own mother) I decided to share.

So for those of you that are faint of heart you may want to stop reading here. For those of you that now have their curiousity aroused, proceed...but don't say I didn't warn you.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a severe, excrutiating pain. It was emulating from my anal region. My ass for those of you that want plain English. Or as my son used to say when he was three, my poo poo.

I couldn't understand why my ass hurt. I wasn't hurting before I went to bed, although I later found out what I was doing before I went to sleep, sometimes can cause this problem. After a little "investigating" I realized that I had "piles" (hemmoroids, I say piles because it's eaiser to spell). So I thought this is what those feel like. Ouch.

But by mid-morning it was no longer ouch it was OMG!! I couldn't sit, I couldn't stand, and God forbid if I had to walk any distance. DJ's grandmother (who is my employer) recognized it right away.

"What's wrong Michael, do you have piles?" I answered in the affirmative. Of course explaining my problems arose because of my bout with constipation the last day or so. I didn't want her to know the REAL reason for my discomfort. She then goes to her purse and pulls out a tube of Preparation H. Yeah from her purse. And no I didn't use the same applicator. But it didn't work, The pain seemed to get worse. Later that afternoon, DJ's mother comes into the office and sees the tube of medication on the desk. "What's this doing out here?" I then proceed to tell her about my "bowel problems" and her mother gave that to help. She looks at the expiration date on it. It reads 10/02/02. No wonder than damn stuff didn't work. She finds this funny and proceeds to call her sister to tell her the entire story. So now almost EVERYONE in DJ's family knows I got piles!

Once I get home I call my mommy. Yes I will be 45 years old this year, but there are times I still need my mom. A lot of times actually. What do I get from her? Not sympathy. Not even a "it will get better honey", but I get laughed at. I think she knows better than to believe the whole bowel problem story, hence the laughter. Then when I tell her about the whole PREP H thing, she really laughs. Then I tell her I bought some of my own to use when I got home, but it wasn't helping. She then goes into this long drawn out explanation about what they really are and how to apply the creme. (Thank goodness she did because I was doing it all wrong, but let's not get into that) My father then gets on the phone, and of all people, he understands, and he shows sympathy. He has dealt with this problem himself, so he knows what I'm going through. Finally someone who feels my pain. Or at least has felt the same pain at sometime or other.

Let's just say most of the time I get pleasure out of...well you know, but not tonight. This is the most painful thing I have ever experienced!

Of course DJ feels terrible for me, but he won't help either. I wanted him to look at me to make sure I wasn't bleeding or anything. He wouldn't. Yet, any othe time I want him in that region he is willing, why should this be different? It must be like that whole thing with men after watching their wives give birth, you know they are squeemish about going back there. So maybe I'm glad he didn't, but then on the other hand, he is not going there anytime soon!!! Maybe NEVER again!

Now finally after an entire day of pain, and ridicule, I'm feeling somewhat relieved. I've taken four hot baths and several applications, correctly applied and now I just hope I can sleep. And to think women have to contend with these things while they are pregnant. I am so glad I was born a man. This is a real pain in the ass!

So now I have given everyone way too much information. Or as my friends usually tell me...TMI Michael, TMI!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Have a Happy President's Day!

Happy President's Day

I'm a Presidential junkie. Meaning I love reading about our Presidents. I just finished a biography of Abraham Lincoln by Benjamin P. Thomas. A fascinating look at Honest Abe, and I going today to buy the newest book on our 16th President, claiming he was a closet homosexual. The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, by C.A. Tripp.

I find the history of the leaders of our country to intrest me. Why? I don't really know but I read anything I can find on them, their wives and their children. The interesting facts that most people are not aware of, such as George Bush's wife Barbara was a descendant of President Franklin Pierce; or that not only did Franklin Roosevelt have a mistress but so did Eleanor; and facts like, Lincoln's son Robert Lincoln served in four presidental cabinets. I know... not of interest to most of you, but I find it thrilling. (It doesn't take much as you can tell)

There are so many other tidbits of info about the Presidents and their families that I could share, but I don't want to bore you. I'm sure the only thing that interests you about today is that it is a National Holiday and you get the day off from work....but at least you have a great gift idea for me, right?

Happy Presidents Day.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Making of a President

As most know that read my blog, I refrain from political postings most of the time. Thanks in part to other bloggers, such as Sean. I've been reading quite a few reports, and articles concerning a certain Senator from New York.

We all know who she is. Her face is as more well known than her husband's these days. She will be up for re-election in 2006 for her Senate seat in New York, and most agree this is another stepping stone to the White House, where she once resided.
When comments were first made back when her husband was President, about her doing a better job than her husband, most people scoffed at the idea. When she ran for Senator, again people scoffed. When she won, the scoffing died down. Now she is a voice to be reckoned with, and what she has to say has a great deal of merit. She is now working towards Election Reform and joining forces with other Dems as they push for an Election Day Holiday. Something that should have been done prior to the last election.

And according to one article, A President Hillary is not as crazy as it once seemed. Where the writer states "... Most Democrats agree that Bill Clinton was the best thing to happen to their party in a generation. His wife may now be the best thing to happen to the next. "

Personally I believe the woman to be extremely intelligent, driven, charming, and one of the strongest political powers in Washington. In other words, the making a great leader. Yes, even President.

I remember in grade school (that was back in the 60's) that one of my teachers, Mrs. Goodner told us that one day there would be a female President, but not in our lifetime. I now believe that Mrs. Goodner was wrong. Maybe not in her lifetime (as she past about 8 years ago) but it will certianly happen in mine. And I see no better person, male or female currently in the Democratic Party that could capture back the White House than Mrs. Clinton.

Ms. Clinton is postioning herself and working tirelessly for the State of New York. At the same time winning and influencing people on both sides of the Senate. She is becoming a strong Bipartisian leader, while still maintaining her Democratic ideals and values. She is heading for the top spot, even though she has not officially said so. She has plans to regain her residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And this time, not as the First Lady, but as THE Lady.

Many still laugh it off, and scoff at the idea. Meanwhile she will be laughing all the way to the highest office in the land and up those steps of the Capitol to stand at the podium to defend the Constitution of the United States. She would have my vote, and my respect. Keep on eye on her, and the events in Washington as it unfolds.

We are seeing history being made. In our lifetime.

Gentlemen, step aside and make way for Madame President.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Tonight, DJ my two youngest sons, J2, AT and I went to dinner at the local Steak & Shake. We wanted to go the the buffet down the street where we could gorge ourselves, but it had a line out the door. So Steak & Shake it was.

As we were being seated it seemed that the overflow from the buffet down the street had the same idea that we did, as the restaurant became engulfed with customers. Most of which had screaming, crying, raving mad toddlers. The were everywhere! All of them needing the "Super Nanny" to come to their rescue. We gave our order to the cute server, named Yazeed. ( just thought his name to be unique, I had to mention him.) and I began to pan across the restaurant. Wondering why did parents allow their children to become such animals in public. That's when I spotted them.

A gay couple. Sitting in a booth with their son. I know this for a fact, as one of the couple is a well known local reporter and have had conversations with him at the local gay bars in times past. They adopted a son a few years ago, and it was nice to see them. What was even nicer was to see how they related to their son. They conversed to him like he was an equal, even though he could not have been more than 4 years old. He was well mannered, well behaved and even gave his own meal request to the ever patient server, Yazeed. As I continued to look around at all the other maniac children, this little boy stood out. Not because his parents were a male gay couple, but because he was behaving. Acting as one should when going out to dinner. It brought a smile across my face thinking how much better at parenting this gay couple seemed than the other "typical" parents. They showed little concern over the actions of their monsters, and did even less to disciplining them. One child screamed the entire time we were trying to eat our dinner. The parents seemed oblivious, while everyone else in the restaurant gave them sneering looks.

As we left I intentionally walked by the gay couple's table and was pleased to hear one of the father's remarking to their son... "Thank you son for being such a good little boy." His response was... "I'm always good daddy."

And I'm sure he is. Well at least most of the time.

On a sad note, we say goodbye to a Blog Hottie.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

About Time

Apparently it seems that Chris Rock, the slated host for this year's Oscars has started somewhat of an Oscar Controversy. Surprise, Surprise. Chris would not be my choice for the host, but he was asked for a reason. He is "out there". Brash, outspoken and yes, somewhat funny. A boost for ratings is what the networks are hoping. As far as his comments, I think that's just Chris. He is a comedian. Get over it. And at some level he is correct in saying that the Oscar's are a gay man's event. What gay man doesn't make a big deal out of it. Quite a few I know host parties every year.

The other comments being made regarding the Oscar's snubbing black performers, is true. Only in the last five years or so has the Oscars recognized the outstanding talents of their black stars. I say it's about time! In my personal opinion (which isn't saying much) I think Jaime Foxx can act circles around Leo. Over the years we have had great, talented, extraordinary actors and actresses that have not been given their due, just because they are black. Ozzie Davis, is one that comes to mind. Morgan Freeman, is another. What about Will Smith? Or even his wife? The list could go on and on of phenomenal black artists that have been under-rated. Now finally this year we see a host of talent being recognized. I say It's about damn time! It should not be about the color of their skin, it should be about their ability to act. To perform and to share their talent.

I think Jamie Foxx will walk away with the statuette this year for Best Actor, and personally I hope he wins for Best Supporting actor as well. The man is extremely talented. His apperance on the recent Grammy's was just another example of the talent he has.

And for all those out there that are making comments about all of it, get over it.
Will things EVER be equal?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Guilt Trips

I'm doing it to myself.
Making myself feel guilty.
But I deserve it.
I do.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day. The day to show the one you love just how much you love them.

Well, that's where the guilt comes in. I mean we decided to not buy each other gifts as we just purchased a new car, so money is tight. But last night it was the same routine. We had dinner (at home, Taco Bell actually) and sat and watched a couple episodes of BTVS Season 5. We chatted about our days, ate our dinner and then my daughter called.

More guilt trips.

It seems as though Princess is having some financial problems. Again. She is working and so is her boyfriend, but things are just piling up between paychecks. She asked to borrow some money. We just don't have it. I didn't lie to her, but now I feel guilty.

So during the phone call DJ went to work on our other car that has stopped running. I went and helped a little, after I let my daughter down, but then after he left to go to Auto Zone, I went to the computer.

Guilt, guilt, guilt.

He soon went to bed and fell asleep. I came to bed around 12:30. But he was already visiting the dream fairy so I didn't wake him.

Now today I've awaken to the realization that I was insensitive and uncompassionate.
Not to mention a bad daddy.
At least I did tell him how much I loved him.
I told Princess that I loved her too.

It doesn't matter, the damage is done. I will just be guilt ridden for the remainder of the day.
I deserve it.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Grammy Overview

Before I say anything else on today's post I want to wish the love of my life, DJ a Happy Valentine's Day. I "HEART" you!!

I don't normally don't watch the Grammys. But last night I had to. It was on every station at the bar we were at. DJ, Silver Fox and I went out for a late Sunday night drink and low and behold the Grammys were on.

At first I thought we were watching American Idol auditions until I realized that it was Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Antony singing, well trying to sing. Everyone said this was supposed to be the BIGGEST event of the Grammys. I thought it was the absolute worst. The one that blew me away was the duet by Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys. Now that was music.

The highlights of the night for me was Matthew McConaghey presenting a Lifetime Acheivement Award to Lynard Skynard. YUM! Tim McGraw singing his Grammy nominated song "live Like You Were Dying" (Double YUM!) and of course the great Melissa Manchester and newcomer Joss Stone performing Janis Joplin, who also was presented a Lifetime Acheivement Award. Melissa who recently was diagnosed with cancer came out onstage and the entire bar was shocked. Her hair was totally gone. But the lady was still beautiful and fantastic.

I know that Ray Charles is and always will be a legend. The man was the epitome of the word musician, entertainer and artist. But 8 Grammys? And Another old-timer, Loretta Lynn winning Country Album of the year?? Yeah she is great too but she beat out Tim McGraw and Keith Urban? Sentiments gets them every time don't it?

Saturday, February 12, 2005

A Penis By Any Other Name Still Works The Same

I remember a conversation in a bar a few years back between me and some of my friends. Yes, we were all pretty smashed. But the conversation was about the names we had for our penises. I heard some really funny ones and some that I would have loved to find out why it had THAT name.
But I wonder; do all guys name their penis, or is it just a gay thing? Maybe I need to take a survey.

Questions for men: Does your penis have a name? What is its name? Who named it, you or a significant other? Do you feel pressured to live up to your penis's name?

Questions for women: (Because if I asked a straight guy the questions above I would probably get sucker-punched) Does your significant other's penis have a name? Did you name it? What do you call it? Is that supposed to be funny?

I don’t think it should be funny. That’s just not right. Naming your sex tool with a name like Spunky just isn't right. You see, penises are no laughing matter to us gay guys. I'm also not a person given to nicknaming things the way, say, President Bush nicknames people. And now that we bring it up, I'm guessing President Bush has a nickname for his penis. It could be something down-home, like "Buckaroo" or "The Texas Twister." It could be something reflecting the awesome power of the presidency, like "Chief Joint of Staff" or "The Secret Servicer." I, too, like the President am a guy, but not that much of a guy. I'm male, of course, which is a critical guy trait. But a penis to me probably doesn’t mean the same to George.
Also, as long as we're talking about Politics and penises: Does Dick Cheney need to name his penis, since he's already named Dick?

Shocking though it may be, it's not just men who are naming their parts. According to a highly scientific poll, 35% of men and 30% of women name their genitalia.
Think about that for a second. Look around you. Basically, one third of the people in your field of vision have a name for their genetalia. And I'm not talking about generic names, like cock or weiner. I'm talking specific, ideally one-of-a-kind names like, for example, "Rob in the Hood."
Does it matter, really, what you call it, so long as you call it, and so long as it comes when it's called?

After what turned out to be an exhaustive search for nicknames women have for their genitalia I am convinced that women, compared to men, are boring. Or, perhaps, mature.
This is not to say that there aren't many, generic names for female parts, including: Dick Mitten, South Mouth, and Salami Garage. But men on the other hand (no pun intended but the one in the previous paragraph was intended.) has a whole gamit of names for their “hanging down things”, for example -- with this list of men's nicknames for their no-doubt-impressive penises, including: The Ramburgler, Everybody Loves the Nubbin, and Pope John Pole III. These penis names beat the hell out of "Dick Mitten," even without mentioning the atom bomb of penis names: The Sixth Beatle. (I still don't get that)
Men have even specialized names according to their occupation or field of expertise, as this list of military penis nicknames indicates. My favorite: The Purple Beret.

So if you or your boyfriend haven’t named your penis and you now have this insatiable need to name your man-meat but are fresh out of ideas, technology has come to your rescue. Here is a penis name generator that is both fun and easy to use. Just type-in a name, click on the "Name My Penis" button, and up comes a highly masculine penis nickname.

The big question of course, is why people name their genitalia at all. My theory is that they do it because it makes it easier to find your genitalia in a crowd. Stand in, say, a busy shopping mall sometime and shot, "Hey! Where's my dick?" Do people look at you funny? Of course they do. But stand in another mall whose security department doesn't have your picture plastered all over the place and shout, "Lord Byron? Where are you hiding?" You get a completely different reaction. You still get thrown out, but it's for being an insane graduate student instead of a pervert.

There are, or course, other theories about why people name their genitalia. As to why men name their penises more than women name their vaginas, I think it likely has something to do with dignity. Most men want to remind the world that they have, for example, a Wand o' Doom.As anyone who has ever met a man knows, men regardless if they are straight or gay do think of their penises as separate entities, and the personality traits and free will we ascribe to our penises are anything but imaginary.

So there we have it: Men name their penises more than women name their vaginas because vaginas, like the little toy dogs women keep as fashion accessories, are well behaved in public. Men prefer big sloppy dogs that drool and chew and bark at imaginary garbage trucks. Big dogs like that need names -- and, for that matter, leashes and stun guns. But mostly names, if for no other reason than to allow you to curse them when they end up over in the neighbors yard, fucking the woman's toy poodle nearly to death.

Have a lovely weekend.
If DJ reads this entry you can find me sleeping in the garage with my new friend "Prince Charlie the Magical Light Sabre ".

Friday, February 11, 2005

They're Engaged

And she has the very ugly ring to prove it. (And what is up with her dental work??)
It was announced yesterday that Camilla Parker Bowles would finally marry Prince Charles. But due to both her and the future King having previous marriages, she will never be Queen. I'm beginning to wonder if Charles will ever be King. And I am sure all of England is happy that she is past child-bearing age. Could you imagine THAT offspring!?

I bet Diana is rolling over!

I don't get the Brits. Wasn't it Elizabeth's own uncle that had to give up his throne because he married a divorcee? Hence, Elizabeth's father took his place as King. Now some decades later, everyone is okay with the future King being married to a divorcee, and he himself divorced as well? Not that I have a problem with divorced people, I myself am one (for other OBVIOUS reasons) but it seems now it's ok for the King, who is also the head of the Church of England to be divorced and remarried. Hmmmmm. Time does have a way of changing things.

Personally, I think they should skip Charles and put the crown on William. He is much more... uh, photogenic.

On a completely different note, I want to say thanks to WONDERBOY. He has a link on his blog to mine which has continued to be my biggest link hit. Thanks for sharing me with your loyal fans Wonderboy.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

My Baby

My baby turns 12 today. The youngest of my four children is now in total puberty and heading into his teen years. Birthdays are something that I used to enjoy, but now as my kids are all almost grown I try not to think about them.

AT has always been the strong one. Even as a toddler he had a strong disposition and personality. Now that he is older, he still has those qualities. He doesn't follow the crowd, and has his very own strong opinions. I wonder where he gets that from?

I love ya, AT.
You make Dad very proud.
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I could blog today about the lack of sunshine we have had over the past four days. So much so that I have forgotten what blue skies look like.

But I won't, as that just makes me more depressed.

So maybe I could lament about the lack of motivation I've been experiencing; probably due to the lack of sunshine.

But again, I won't. I don't want to be wallowing in self-pity.

Maybe I could go on about the lack of finances that seems to haunt me.

Again, I won't as no amount of complaining will change that fact.

So I will tell you about what was in my backyard this morning when I left for work. Sitting in our backyard was seven, count them, seven deer. Seven little Bambies. I am not sure where they came from, as we live in the suburbs. It could be the huge pine tree that is in our backyard that sheds thousands of pine cones. And we all know that some parts of the pine cone is edible.

Or maybe they are lacking some of their natural instincts. Whatever the reason it actually lifted my spirits a little. Sometimes nature puts everything else in perspective.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Skateboard Shoes

Thursday will be my son AT's 12th birthday so Sunday we went shopping for his birthday present.

"Dad all I want are some BC's."
"BC's what are BC's?
"Skateboard shoes" He says
"Well okay"

I mean how much could a pair of skateboard shoes be? He doesn't even have a skateboard, why would he need skateboard shoes???
When we arrived at the store (the only one that he said carried these special shoes) I was surprised to learn that BC's were nothing more than glorified tennis shoes.
At a glorified price as well. $63.95

These are the shoes...
What ever happened to CONVERSE ALL STARS???

Saturday, February 05, 2005

What A Day!

The day started out like any other Saturday.
Up at 8:30, shower and get off to work. Except this one was going to be different.
The car wouldn't start.
So, I walk the 4 more miles to work.
Yes, me.
I walked.
I walked 4 miles.
Not too bad for a 44 year old man that get's little or no excersize. And here I am at the end of the day alive to tell about it. It actually wasn't all that bad. It was a little cool this morning, and once I got to work I was wide awake and ready to go. Good thing too.
I took in $6,100 today. That's a record for me. In the year I have been there, the most income for one day up to this point was $4,700. Yes I was busy. From the time I arrived until I left.

Back to the car situation. It looks like it's the starter, so another $80.00 that we don't have to fix that. We are buying a new vehicle, well in the process of it. A 2003 Chevy Blazer. It was DJ's mother's car, she sold it to DJ's grandmother and now she is selling it to us. We need a new vehicle, and it is in excellent shape, low miles and a good price. So once the starter is fixed on the Cavalier, it will be sold.

But it what a day it was today.
Not routine.
I don't normally like a break in my routine but...
Today was a good break.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


For the last three nights I've been glued to my TV set. I have never been one for sci-fi or occult type books, tv shows or movies (other than my love of anything to do with vampires). But since DJ and I have been together my attitudes and TV habits have changed.
First it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We have every season on DVD and have watched each one at least twice already. Then there was Angel. Vampire with a soul. Now that got me. It didn't hurt that he was so damn hot.

Now I've been CHARMED! I never watched this show, but maybe one or two episodes. But it the First Season of Charmed came out on DVD Monday and I found myself at Target in line with it in my basket. Since then DJ and I have watched it every night. We are pacing ourselves and only watching four episodes a night, but I'm hooked. Every episode has HOT GUYS in it! Not to mention one of my all time favorite TV child stars Alysa Milano. But back to the hot guys...

I mean every episode. Hot. Buff. Sexy. YUM guys! The first one that is introduced is Prue's (played by Shannon Doughtery) cop boyfriend Andy, (played by Ted King) who now plays on General Hospital. Then there is the "whitelighter" Leo Wyatt (love that last name) who starts off as the sisters handyman and who you find out later is there to help protect the good sisters. He is played by Brian Krause. One of my favorite scenes so far is where he is bent over working on the sink, and Phoebe (Alysa) and Pieper (Holly Marie-Combs) are admiring his...well his ass. YUM! And those are just the regular guys on the show. This doesn't even begin to mention all of the other hotties that play extras each week. No wonder the women and gay men watched this show. It's like Desperate Housewives meets Bewitched! I'm lovin' it!

Now just don't run out and buy this DVD based soley on the hot guys.
The acting is good.
The writing is good.
The storylines; though somewhat far-fetched, are also good.
Overall I would give it 7 stars out of 10.

But did I mention the hot guys? That's 10 for 10.
Go get it tonight. Trust me. You'll be charmed too.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Year Has Passed

A year ago today I posted my very first entry on my first blog (with mblog and the data has been lost) however, I saved my first entry on word, so here was me a year ago today:

I am excited! I start my new job today and my blog. My publisher told me that I should start a journal, it would help me with my writing bloc. Not so sure how this thing works, but I'm sure I will catch on soon enough. After being unemployed for a few months (six) I am looking forward to this new job. I will be working as property manager for DJ's grandparents businesses. They have two office buildings, three mini storage facilities and a 24 unit townhome complex. My job will be to see to the daily running of each of these facilities, call for any maintenence, take rent payments, etc. Pay is good, just no benefits. So this is it. A new start, A new job, and a new blog. Welcome.

So that was it. Not real exciting, and not much has changed in a year, other than we have moved from downtown into the suburbs, we now own three cats instead of one. That's about it. Oh we are a year older.

Speaking of a year older, DJ will be turning 25 at the end of the month. I am beside myself trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday. We are having a party for him at his mother's, but I want to do more than just a party. Any ideas out there??

My baby son will also be turning a year older this month. AT will be 12 on the 10th. The last year before he turns a teen. Where has all the years gone.

Today also marks another anniversary. On today's date in 1995 I moved out of my home, seperated from my wife of 14 years and began my journey into the real me. Wow, ten years.

Okay enough of walking down memory lane. I need to decide on what to get DJ for his birthday.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blog Of The Month

Each month I highlight one of the bloggers that I read, almost everyday. I'm not like the "Bloggies" or some other award site for blogs, I just like to share to other bloggers the ones I find exciting and that brings a smile to my somewhat boring existence. Of course most of the ones I read are from the gay community. I think their wit and humor is more to my liking, plus some have great pictures. Such as this month's Blog of the Month,


This guy has a great sense of humor and his honesty is refreashing. I love his pictures. He always seems to find some hot picture to post along with his entry each day. And who among us has not had that infatuation with the Hot Straight Neighbor Boy?! So hat's off to Joey Destino! Great site, keep up the good work. And thanks for the smiles.