Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moving Day

Today is the move. Not a good start on the day though. of course I have to work today, so i got up early and went out to the car. NOTHING. Dead. So I had to walk to work today. I've already been into it with 2 rude ass customers today and the day has really just started. Let's hope that once I'm out of here that the rest of the day goes much better.

Found out today that the new place does not have the capability for HIGH SPEED INTERNET!! YIKES. So it seems I will have to go back to using dial-up. So Until I can see what is up with that, I may not be able to post, except from work. But I promise new pictures as soon as we get moved in and settled.

Hello Suburbia!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Birthday Boy

No, It's not my birthday again, God forbid. It's the son's birthday today. J2 turns 15 today. The picture here is one of my favorites, he was around 2 when this was taken. He hasn't changed too much except for the fact that he is almost as tall as dad.

J2 was a surprise. His mother and I were told that after our daughter was born, and my ex's bout with cervical cancer that the chances of her conceiving another child was almost null. 6 years later, NULL was born! He is a joy and as a child very content and always smiling. Now as a teenager, who knows. But he still seems content, and most of the time he is smiling. He is currently experiencing First Love. He and a young girl have been "going out" for four months. Constantly on the phone, and constantly talking about her. Yep, my son is growing up. Happy Birthday J2! Dad loves ya!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's Gold In Them There Hills

Today I met two gay men. A Couple. Matthew and Darren Mahone. Matthew was a ruggedly built 40ish black male and Darren was a lithe 30-something white male. They called to rent a trailer that would carry what belongings they had left after selling everything, to go to California. It kind of reminded me of the Gold Rush in the 1800's where everyone sold what they had to start over in the west and with dreams of gold in their eyes. Matthew and Darren looked that way today. The only difference between them and the men that went to California in the 1800's is that Matthew and Darren were a gay couple. They derived their last name from a mixture of both of their previous last names that they were born with. They wore matching wedding bands and finished each other's sentences. They decided that it was time in their relationship to start over. Together for six years they decided they wanted something different, but with each other. Darren who was originally from Florida and Matthew who was raised in several different states, decided on California. They seemed happy, excited and full of hope of something new. In a way I envied them.

DJ and I are happy. Very happy. After almost 5 years I feel that our relationship is still growing and maturing. We experience new things every day together. Last night for instance was something new and really exciting, but that is for another time, and not to discuss on the blog! But, lately my routine is getting the best of me. Getting up, going to work, coming home, having dinner, watching TV together, getting on the computer, staying up way too late, going to bed and then doing it all over again. But moving to California would not change my routine. But I still was a little green about Matthew and Darren. I really don't know why, but it seemed they had something.

When I came home tonight DJ and I did our normal routine, (in the midst of packing for our move on Saturday) and then he started to bed, and I of course am on the computer. He came in kissed me goodnight and went to bed. I watched him walk to the bedroom, call for Willow and I saw something. Something that has always been there, but I just hadn't looked in a while. Strength, Love, Devotion, Stability and Peace. Suddenly I didn't feel envious of Matthew and Darren anymore. I have all I need. He is what I need. He is what I've needed since I was a child. Hell, I don't have to move clear across the country to find that. I have it right here. I'll have it next week when we move clear across the city to our new place, and I pray I'll have for years to come.

So I decided tonight that I'm starting over. Not in a big way. But in myself. Change my routine. Devote more energy to DJ, my kids, my family and my friends. Those are the things that are important and what keep us going. Matthew and Darren are starting over in a new city and state. Good for them I wish them all the best. I'm starting over in a new attitude and a new routine. Sometimes we need that.

I'm glad I saw what I had tonight. Thanks Matthew and Darren for making me realize that again. I hope you boys find gold out there in California, I've already found mine.

Take Two M&M's And Call Me in the Morning

The miracles of modern medicine. My favorite candy coated chocolate could very possibly have medicinal purposes! Give me that bag of m&m's NOW! Steph & Alek over at OhLaLa posted this story. Could it be that M&M's could cure heart disease, prevent strokes, and taste good all at the same time? Please tell me it's so, and not just an advertising gimmick to sell more of those colorful little "pill" like candies.

But if that is the case, will we have to have a prescription to savor those chocolate morsels? Plus pay a visit to our doctor in order to get that said prescription? What if I overdose on those succulent little chocolate, candy coated wonders? Oh, I don't even want to think about that. Then before you know it, they will be selling them on the streets illegally instead of using them for fundraising. Can you imagine melting them down into liquid form and shooting them into your arm? What a waste!

No, please tell me it ain't so! Please tell me that those friendly little candies from my youth and beyond will still be on sell at the local corner store or supermarket!! And the worse thing will be when they ban those cute talking M&M's boys from advertising on TV. I can't even imagine the horrors!!

First they put women's clothing on sale at men's clothing stores and now this, is nothing sacred?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Sweatin' It

Everyone is talking about the heat. From California to New York. It's been HOT! The weatherman said that our high today would be 97, but at 2:00 today when I went to the bank, the thermometer read 102! I can not remember when it was that hot. Luckily our air conditioning is working at home and at work. Can you imagine what this heat would be like without air conditioning? I guess I'm not quite that old, but I do know that at one time people didn't have air conditioning, how did they survive? We are fortunate.

Speaking of old, today my parents celebrate 46 years of wedded bliss. Not sure how much bliss is really involved, but at least they seem to love each other even after all these years. That's a long time to be married to the same person. How my mother did it, I don't know. She must really love him. Just kidding, I'm sure Dad has not been all bad. But in this day and time, it's a very rare thing for people to be married 10 years, not to mention 40 plus. Dad said it wasn't as hot on this day 46 years ago, but he was sweating pretty bad. I bet he was! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

We are still packing. Yes, it seems that it will never end, but we are almost there. Everything but our kitchen is packed. (And of course the computer, which will be packed last.) We are set to load everything Saturday night, pick up the key to the new place Sunday afternoon, and unload. It will take weeks before I have everything where I want it, and before we can go through all these damn boxes and find everything. But it will be worth it. Soon. Or at least I keep telling myself that. Soon I will be in the lap of suburbia. Oh, Lord what have I done????

Thursday, July 21, 2005

1,000 Uses

We have started packing. I have to admit that DJ has done the majority of it. I've packed about 6 boxes, rolled rugs, taken down pictures and cleaned out the computer desk. He has packed the rest. Our dining room looks like a back of a U-Haul truck.

While packing I found that masking tape has many uses. MANY! You can tape the boxes of course. But you can also roll the rugs and tape each end so that they don't come unrolled. You can also cover glass items and then seal them with tape. You can also entertain your cats FOR HOURS by taping a piece of tape onto their tail. Great entertainment value. DJ says that masking tape works wonders taping mouths shut. But I wouldn't know anything about that.

I wonder if you can tape someones hands to a headboard? hmmmmmmmmmm

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Move is On

We received confirmation today on our application for our new place. We can take possession August 1st. So it's back to suburbia for us. That is something I didn't think I would ever say again, but after three years of living in the city amongst the mayhem, murder and just plain rudeness of people, suburbia sounds like utopia.

The place is a two bedroom, with more room than we have here. It's a bit more than what we are paying now, but it will be worth it. At least our electric bills will no longer be in the $200 range. $45 to $50 sounds so much better to pay to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is a pool, raquetball and fitness center on site, plus it is only about 4 minutes from DJ's mother and about 10 from mine.

I will post some pics on the moblog once we get the keys and give you an idea of the place. So tonight the packing begins!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dad, My Cracker Barrel Champion

Last night I went to dinner with my parents at their current favorite "hangout", Cracker Barrel. Before going to dinner my father proceeds to tell me that he has conquered the cracker barrel game? Not being a big cracker barrel fan, I was not sure what he meant, then he said...

"You know that triangle game on the table with the golf tees."

Oh yeah, that.

Needless to say I forgot about that conversation by the time we got to the restaurant. But to my chagrin my father proceeds to share with DJ and I his new found ability. Within a matter a seconds he has the game beat. One peg left standing all alone. My dad, my champion. A real hero. Really he is, but this whole peg game is kinda silly. Well until I tried it. And tried it, and tried it. Never gaining the accomplishment of my father. Once again defeated by wisdom.

Then dad showed me his secret. Apparently over the past few months he and my mother eat at Cracker Barrel at least twice a week. (I can not see how they do that! That in itself is a feat) Mother shares that every time they would come into the store and take their seats, Dad would proceed to play this peg and hole game, only to leave defeated. Finally after who knows how many tries and meals at Cracker Barrel, Dad gets it. Then memorizes his moves.

He now has shown all of his sons, and grandkids and anyone else that would like to know, how to beat the Cracker Barrel Game.

Dad, why didn't you just go online, HERE are several ways to win, without having to eat all that food!

Monday, July 11, 2005

A First

I didn't think at 45 I would experience a first. But today I experienced something I have never had before.

Burying a dead animal.

I know not the best experience, but it had to be done. As some of you may know (if you'd read my blog) my employer is a cat lover. We have five in the office and several outside. When I arrived at work today I found this note...

Michael, Poppy died last night, she is in the garage. Could you bury here today?

What could I say? If I didn't I am sure by the end of the day the odor from the garage would have fermented the entire office as it sits just outside the side door. Not to mention other disgusting....Well you get the idea. So I found a shovel and began digging. How far I asked myself? A human burial plot is six foot. If I dig a hole six foot, someone will probably have to bury me. So what about 2 or 3? I opted for 2.5 feet. I even used a yardstick to make sure. Then what to bury it in? A box? A bag? Nothing? I found a nice green hefty bag and kind of scooted her dead, stiff lifeless body into it without having to touch her. (wearing gloves of course) I then proceeded to carry the bag to my measured burial plot and put her to rest. So should I say something? A prayer? Nice words? I didn't have to worry about that, as I finished one of the other cats came by to see what I was doing, sat there and meowed. Eulogy given.

I don't remember funeral director / grave digger on my job description.
I think I deserve a raise. How about just a bonus.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

45, It's Just a Number

Well so far 45 is not too bad. I worked yesterday and then attended the annual Hillbilly Reunion with DJ's family. Most of his stepfather's family were born and raised in Southeastern Kentucky and were "transplanted" to Ohio and Indiana in the late 50's. We had a good time and drank too many strawberry daquiri. But this morning I awoke with no hangover, just a slight headache and was greeted with good home cooked Kentucky breakfast and many "happy birthdays".

After breakfast DJ and I went condo/apartment hunting and found one that we both loved. It's just down the street from his mother and it is the perfect size and price. Not to mention we can walk to her house in five minutes and jump into her pool. So Thursday we are going to see if we qualify and hopefully move sometime the first week of August. Afterwards we went to spend my birthday money I received from DJ's grandparents and Silver. And no, I did not buy a DVD set! Aren't you proud of me? I bought a new computer desk. I've needed one for sometime and the one we have I really do not want to move as it is so heavy, so we opted on a much smaller, lightweight model. Plus it has casters for easy redecorating.

Received birthday well wishes from my parents, both brothers, my kids, Veruca and my Aunt. And after my "special" birthday gift from DJ, I'm ready for some cuddle time and sleep.

See 45 isn't too bad, not yet anyway.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Hunt is On

Since when does a small bedroom apartment constitute an ad saying CONDO AVAILABLE?
That was what happened to DJ and I tonight. I found an ad in the classifieds yesterday for a 2 bedroom condo, newly renovated, spacious with washer and dryer hookups available for immediate occupancy. It was in a location that DJ and I both were comfortable with so we made an appointment. When we arrived I knew it was not what we wanted. The spacious condo, was actually a small 2 bedroom apartment. The rooms were smaller than the actual apartment we lived in about three years ago, but this complex didn't even have a pool. Sorry having a washer dryer hookup in the apartment does not constitute a condo. Maybe it was the cheap electric fireplace, who knows...
But anyway this is not going to deter us from finding a new place. The hunt is officially on.
We are going to check out a real condo/townhouse community on Sunday. That is if we are not too hung over from the family reunion/birthday party on Saturday.

Check out the Moblog, I have a great picture of Xander watching TV. Yes our cat does watch TV and now I have proof.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Yes, I Need to Get a Life

I have almost become a total recluse. I don't go out very often and most nights I come home after work, get on the computer, play SIMS2, read my list of blogs and post my own entry. Sad huh?

Well now I have something else to fill my time. It's called MOBLOG. Which is a Photo Blog. I can share hoards of photos with all of you (all 3 of you). It's called REALITIES so hit this link and check it out!

Michael's Moblog

4 days and counting until the big 45... Maybe I should put up a wish list. It's too late for that I suppose, just add a comment wishing me a Happy Birthday on Sunday.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Copy this entire list into your blog/journal.
Bold everything about you that is true.
Leave plain everything that is false about you.
Put an asterisk (*) at the end of false statements you would like to be true.

I have had sex while wearing a blindfold.
I have blindfolded someone else during sex.
I have had sex while watching porn.
I sleep better after sex.
There are some nights I cannot sleep without sex or masturbating.
I masturbate more than once per day.
The bed is NOT my most favorite place to have sex.
I am turned on knowing someone is watching me masturbate.
I enjoy watching others having sex or being watched during sex.
I will have sex with someone I just met if they turn me on.
I have had sex with two different individuals (at seperate times) during the course of one day.
I have been tied up during sex.
I have had sex with someone who was tied up.
I have dripped wax onto a lover's body.
I have had a lover drop wax on my body.
I have a foot/sock/shoe fetish.
I have a leather fetish.
I have a tickle fetish.
Watching someone urinate (or being watched while urinating) is a turn-on.
I have had sex in a vehicle.
I have had sex while driving a vehicle.*
I have been to a sex club or bathhouse.*
I like being choked during sex.
My lovers would describe me as kinky.
I shave (or trim) the hair on or around my genitals.
The smell of my lover's sweat turns me on.
I have erotic art on display somewhere in my residence.
Dirty talk during sex turns me on.
I enjoy pornographic magazines.
I have a collection of porno movies.
Erotic toys are a regular part of my budget.
I have clicked on porn links in my email.
I regularly look at porn sites on the internet.
Much of what I know about sex comes from porn.
Interracial sex turns me on.
I would participate in sex research if given the opportunity.
My current lover does not sufficiently meet my sexual needs.
I have had sex at my place of employment.
I have often been disappointed in my sexual relationships.
Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac.
I am difficult to live with if I'm not having sex on a regular basis.
I sleep better with someone snuggled up next to me.
I have had sex under water.
I have had sex outdoors.
I have had sex in a public place or where I might have been discovered.
I have had sex in a bathroom stall.
I have had sex in the snow.*
I am or have been in a polyamorous relationship.
I have participated in three-ways or orgies.
I have to have music playing during sex.
I have flashed strangers.
I have given sex as a gift.
I have set up a three-way for my lover.
I stopped during this list to have sex.*
All day I dream about sex.
(Thanks, Wonderboy, for turning me on!)

Now most of you know more about me than you wanted...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dog Gone

I have mentioned before the uncanny ability to sometimes see things before they happen. The most recent being the death of my uncle. It's not a gift that I like, or even can control. And it doesn't happen all the time, very rare actually. But today was even more uncanny.

My parents have had a white alaskan malamute dog for several years. His name is "Bear". It is an outside dog, and not one that has become attached to the family. Unlike their terrier "Cricket" that is treated better than my brothers and I were when we lived at home. Anyway...

My son AT and I were discussing dogs at Silver's house earlier tonight and I mentioned Bear. AT then stated. "Dad when did Bear die?" I responded that he wasn't dead, as I had just saw him a few days earlier. AT insisted that Bear had died. So I called my mother to settle the "bet". She wasn't home so I left her a message to call me at Silver's house and I said..."it's about your dog."

Mom called a few hours later and she asked me what did I want. Here is the conversation...

"It's about Bear."
"What about Bear?"
"AT said he was dead, and I told him that he wasn't, will you tell him that he is not dead."
"Well he is."
"He is? When, see you never tell me anything."
"No, you don't understand. Your father is burying him right now. We found him dead when we arrived home a little while ago."

Okay, that is just too weird. Now it seems my son AT has acquired my gift.

By the way the bet was a tie. AT was right that the dog was dead, but I was right that he wasn't dead when AT said that he was. But does it really matter, the dog is gone, and we are just weird.