Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not What Was Expected, Or Was It?

One more day until this month has completed. Hard to believe that July is for all intents purposes, behind us. A part of the past, that we can not re-live again. Regardless of how we wish we could, we just can't. July 2006 is now for the history books.

It all started so innocently enough, like all months do. Expectations were running high in regards to the plans for this new month. Vacation would start in July, another birthday, and lazy days by the pool. But it wasn't to be.

Recall my first posting for the month of July?

I knew that was some kind of Omen. So it started off full of plans and dreams and then the ATM card was eaten and it all went down from there. The 4th went off without a hitch, another holiday a celebration of independence. Then July 7th, the day that will live in infamy. Then of course on the 10th, I got another day older and closer to retirement.

Quitting a job is not the worst thing one could do, but it is pretty close. But honestly, as I look back on it now, it was the best thing I've ever done. At least for my emotional and physical health. Now my financial health? That's another story.

But as I say, life is what we make it. I made a choice and now I have to make the best of it, and I am. I have some great opportunities that opened up to me this past weekend in the job front. I do not want to say anything that may jinx it, but let's just say I am excited about the opportunity. If things work out, we will be back on our feet in no time, and be making plans again for vacation.

Was July what I expected? In some ways it was more than I expected, in a good way. But in truth, it had to happen, whether it be July or January, some things are just inevitable.

So, Goodbye July 2006.
Hello August!

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