Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

My son J2 turned 16 today. Sweet Sixteen. It seems like just yesterday he was just a tiny baby struggling to breathe. J2 was born premature and had quite a few problems at birth, and had to take breathing treatments up until he was about 10 years old.

Today you would never think that this young boy had any problems.

We celebrated the day with a pool party at DJ's mother's house and a grill out. Silver and his son were there to share in the festivities. Thanks to Silver we were able to pull off a birthday party in grand style, and everyone had a great time. After the pool and dinner we came back to the house and played some D&D. Then went back for a midnight swim.

J2 said he had a great time and he enjoyed spending his birthday with his dad. As I looked at him today, almost a man, I was glad to spend the day with him as well. In a few years he will be out on his own making his own path. Hopefully he can look back on this, his 16th birthday and have good memories.

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