Sunday, July 23, 2006

Are Your Neighbors Raccoons & Skunks?

For me there is nothing quite as relaxing than, late at night sitting around an open fire. For the last three nights DJ and I did just that. Sat at an open fire, talking, listening to music or just taking in the night sounds.

The camping trip was wonderful. Too bad it had to end and we had to return back to the real world. The first day upon arrival at the campgrounds it was HOT. Close to 98 degrees. We set up camp and then took a little walk. When we returned we had neighbors that moved into the campsite next to us. Two young couples. Both the guys were quite good looking (sorry no pictures, that would have been obvious!) and all four were quite nice. We took over some wood to them later that evening as they had run out. We also had other neighbors...Raccoons and skunks. Yes, they came right up into our camping area. Luckily we had placed all of our food items back in our automobile, so they didn't stay around long without any food to suffice their curiosity. But they came back each night looking for more.

The second night was a bit more uncomfortable, as after we decided to go to bed, it decided to storm. A real nice thunderstorm! With lots of rain, lightening and thunder. Making woo hoo in a thunderstorm is quite nice, but I would have preferred it to have remained dry during our camping excursion. We had some water in the tent, but nothing really bad. Of course our neighbors decided the next morning to leave, and they were nice enough to repay us for the wood we gave them the night before. But when they returned the wood, they said to DJ...

"we wanted to return the favor your DAD gave us some wood the other night..."

YOUR DAD!? Not quite. I know there are twenty years between DJ and I, but Dad? But DJ thought it was funny. I didn't.

The next night it was much dryer and much cooler, I had hoped we had that weather the entire time, but at least one night was perfect camping weather.

We returned home today, tired but relaxed. Back to the real world and the reality of having to find a job. Today we went to my daughter's baby shower, and visited with family. It was a good three days, but as always it good to be back home.

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