Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jobless, Babies & Gin Rummy

I know, long time since I posted last. I thought with me not working, that I'd be posting like mad, but alas, with no job I am finding that my life is quite boring. I mean there are just so many ways for me to rearrange the furniture and so many hours a person can stay on the computer. Thankfully DJ has been working at home most of this week, so at least I have someone here to keep me "entertained" And the only thing that has been interesting in the world this week was that Lance Bass finally told us all what we already knew. I just don't see how he got his boyfriend.


On the job front: Nothing as of yet. I have applied to numerous job postings online through Career, but not hits as of yet. Next week I am going to start going out and hitting places here close to home to see what is out there. I'm getting into that depressed state of mind and I can not allow myself to do that, but with no money coming in and bills still piling up it is easy to get that way. Now this weekend my son J2 will be turning 16 and I do not have the funds to 1) do what he wanted to do for his birthday (go camping) 2) don't have the funds to even give him a gift. But thanks to DJ, Mama D and my best friend Silver we are going to at least have a pool party and a cook out on Saturday. I also suggested we could pitch the tent out in the back yard, so all will not be lost.

On the grand baby front: Rylan is growing by leaps and bounds. He is six weeks old today!I have also been able to see him at least once every week since he was born. I want to be part of my grandkids life, and I am going to do what it takes to make that happen. My grand-daughter (who is yet to be born) will be coming sometime within the next two weeks. I am excited for my daughter and her boyfriend, and I can't wait to see the next generation of Princess. At first the doctors thought she was going to have to be born cesarean, but she has turned and is now in position for a normal birth. Let's hope everything goes well and that is the case. I will keep you informed on Alana's arrival.

That is about it for now, DJ and I are going to play some gin rummy before bed. Gin rummy, I wonder if we have any real Gin or Rum?...

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