Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday Night D&D and Rosie

We just finished a 5 hour game of Dungeons & Dragons. We includes DJ, my two sons J2 and AT, Silver Fox and his son MCB. It was MCB's first adventure and I think he really got into the game. My boys have played a few times before and they also enjoy it.

I got into D&D several years ago and became quite adapt at the roleplaying portion of it so much that I prefer to be the DM most of the time (Dungeon Master). I like being in charge I guess, what can I say. It's really fun hanging out with my boys and doing something that we all enjoy. The time slips by quickly while playing and the entire time we laugh and really have a lot of fun. Most of the time I get into character for each person I may be playing at the time, tonight I was more laid back as it was MCB's first time.

Before the game we had a great dinner and watched a little of Harry Potter. I would rate tonight a 9 on a scale from 1-10.

So just out of curiosity, Which D&D character are You?

I always knew I loved this woman. There was something about her even in the earlier days of her career that just struck a chord with me. I've never met her in life, nor talked to her in person but I always knew she was one of the real ones out there in Hollywood. I read this entry today on her blog, and I cried. I'm glad to know that she is still the same Rosie I always thought she was. We love you here Rosie and all you stand for. Keep up the good work. You have given hope to so many, and not just to the kids that need mom's like you, but to all of us.

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