Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What's On the Menu Tonight

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One of the things that I will miss the most about our recent lack of income will be not being able to go out to those nice restaurants for a nice quiet peaceful dinner. Not that we do it that often, but I do enjoy them.

I bring this up as I received an e-mail from a magazine (unable to give name due to contract stipulations) that I submitted an article to about three years ago. They would like me to submit another article to them for possible publication. The theme? "Pet Peeves When Eating Out".

Now the whole title in itself could open a whole new meaning to "eating out", but I won't go there.

If they accept my article, I will receive a $400 payment for my work. Talk about fine dining, I could really EAT OUT a lot then. So here is a sneak peak of a couple of my pet peeves.

Parents, there is a reason some restaurants have dress codes. So that little Trevor and Chloe are LEFT with the sitter! There is nothing more annoying than sitting down for a fine meal, sipping on my chardonnay and having a high pitch scream cause me to choke on it. Screaming children belong at an amusement park, or at Golden Corral. What is worse is when they continue to annoy the entire dining room and their parents seem to be oblivious to their no-neck monsters (thank you Tennessee Williams for that phrase) wrecking havoc, because they are on their cell phones! Which leads me to the next peeve. Cell phones in a theater are bad enough, talking on them while driving is the worst, but when you come to the restaurant put them on vibrate, they are much more stimulating for you, and less annoying for the other patrons.

Of course there are a host of pet peeves regarding the wait service, but the most annoying one I have ever experienced was, while savoring my last couple of bites, the server comes to the table, while putting his hand onto my plate, asks, "So can I take that for you?"...UH No, can't you see I'm still eating? Now I feel like I'm at the Golden Corral, eating from a trough. Or better yet when they ask on a cash out, "Do you need change on this?" I DO NOW...

The article is to list ten of them, and of course they will have to be witty, & humorous with a hint of truth. I think I can do that, I think...

So, what's on the menu tonight?

We ate in tonight and DJ prepared "hole in the middle".

Don't think too hard about that one, just let your imagination run with it. If you think you know what we had for dinner tonight leave me a comment and I'll let you know if you are on the money.
Meanwhile, try this for an appetizer. Or is that more like an after dinner snack?


Graham Wyatt said...

Hmmm, Hole in the middle huh? I want to say it must be one of those midwest meals, I've never heard anything like that here in California. So I'll take a wild guess and say it must be Ham Steak with the bone out and filled with stuffing or something. Am I right?

Rick-Dallas said...

Not sure what you had for dinner, but I want that appetizer!!