Saturday, April 30, 2005

Killing Fields

Well it's still raining, we had one day where we actually were rain free this week. So needless to say the mood has been gloomy around here. We need some sun!

Not too much has been happening, SSDD, you know? DJ is going to part time the end of May, so he is still looking for a new job. He put in an application at two seperate places, so hopefully he will hear something from them. House hunting is not going too well either. Eveything we like, we can not quite afford, and the ones we can afford, we don't like. We really need to move. We have had two more shootings just this past week. A 36 year old man was found Thursday afternoon slumped over on a park bench, in a park not five blocks from here. He had been shot in the head. No suspect...
Another man was shot 8 times on Friday and left in the street, again, no suspects. That brings the total of homicides in the city to 21, 18 of which the police have no suspect or even motive. They are setting up Community Action Councils all over the city and the Vice Mayor wants to set up a task force to get more cops out there on the street, but City Council is blocking it. I can't understand why the council doesn't seem to want to do anything about this. We are already surpassing last years homicides and they don't seem to care. Something needs to give here, that is for sure.

Tonight going out to dinner to celebrate Veruca's Birthday. He will be 31 tomorrow. Hard to believe he is 31. Hell it's hard to believe I'm going to be 45! It will be good to see him and some of the friends I haven't seen in a while.

So until the next time...

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Anonymous said...

where are the witnesses hiding under their porches??? Under the stairs??? Come on somebody some where knows something out there... grow a back bone, you know what's right and what's wrong... Time for anyone who knows anything to step up to the plate and do their civic duty!