Sunday, April 03, 2005

No Entry + 7 Days, Makes One Weak

I've been told that I need to post an entry. By several people. So let me just say that I was going to post one on Tuesday, but Blogger was having technical difficulties and I was unable to post. From there things just went haywire. A lot of shit began to happen and posting an entry became a low priority. I know, don't even say that, but it did. Sorry. So let's play catch up...

Typical Monday with all the drama that goes with it. If it wasn't for the fantastic weather, Monday would have been the worse Monday in recorded history. I woke up late. Got to work late. Nothing seemed to go right all day, and then my mom calls and asks if I'm mad at her. Why I ask? Her response..."Well I haven't heard from in you in almost three weeks, I thought something was wrong."
Not talking to mom in that long of a time is inexcusable. Needless to say I was guilt ridden for a while after her conversation.

Mom calls at work again. This time not to scold, but to inform me that my brother was having some major health problems. He had a congenital heart defect and had to undergo open heart surgery at 18 most. That was 34 years ago, and now it seems that after 34 years, things are beginning to deteriorate, so he may have to undergo more surgery now.

Wednesday; Same Shit Different day.
Thursday: The beautiful weather disappeared and winter resurfaced. The last day of the month and ten days after the first official day of spring and we had a high of 32 degrees. But things were improving in the depression/lack of motivation slump I had seemed to fallen into again.

Friday: FINALLY, it was Friday. Now for the last two days...
Last night Silver came over and we had BW3 for dinner and he brought over his copy of Latter Days. (I know a bit late watching THE gay movie of 2004. What respectable gay man has not seen this movie yet?) I was expecting more to be honest, but I did enjoy it. Especially the part in the motel room where you get to see a glimpse of Steven(Aaron) hanging down things. All said, it was a good movie. The story was incredible and the actors were great.
He also brought a copy of THE TRIP. More on that in a minute.
After we had dinner and watched Latter Days, including the special features, we all decided to go downtown for some drinks. We headed to SPURS, which by it's name you can imagine the type of bar it is. We walked in and the smell could almost knock you down. I know that the locker room smell turns some people on, but it was wretched in there. Not to mention most of the patrons looked as though they forgot what water ,soap and razors were. We had a good time regardless, and we sat around laughing and talking up until the midnight hour.

DJ and I slept in this morning, and he made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast and we watched THE TRIP. Now this movie did not get as much attention as Latter Days, but was just as good. Almost better in some ways. The story of two men over a period of twenty five years was real and touching. Not as weepy as It's My Party, but just as emotional. If you haven't seen it, get it. I loved it. And actually so did DJ.

Tonight was "Family Night" at DJ's parents, so we headed over there for dinner with mom and the girls. Afterward we went to Budlight Girl's soccer game. Sadly, the guys were not hot. But the ref was gay. His chartreuse shirt with the collar turned up was a dead give away. Then back to Mama D's for a game of Family Feud. Good times, really.
So that was it. & days wrapped up in seven minutes. Sorry I made you wait seven days for this enlightened post into my life. I promise I'll keep in tough more often.

As each I do each month, I want to share one of my daily blog reads. I love to turn to this blog each day to see what new adventure or what great one liners he is going to use next. I think every gay blogger reads him. If not they should. He is HOT. I'm talking about the one and only, Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven! Hot Toddy is my hero! Keep them coming Toddy. Hat's off the him and his great blog, as my Blog of the Month for April.

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