Thursday, April 07, 2005

What is Going On?

Within the last three days, Cincinnati has seen five shootings. Over the past month there have been several shootings and yet, many of the gunmen have sidetracked the police and have not yet been apprehended.

Another shooting happened yesterday and still no one has been arrested. It was the 21st homicide so far for this year. Three more shootings took place after this one, with two more people dead. What is going on in this city? Why are people killing each other? It's not just in the urban areas either, it's in the neighborhoods, places where families and children live.

The other question is, why haven't these killers been arrested yet? What is wrong with the police that they can not apprehend these people? There was a shooting last month, where two teenagers were shot right across the street from a High School. The police knew who the gunman was, but still have not found him.

It is becoming a war zone right here in our neighborhoods. It is beginning to look like Cincinnati is becoming the murder capital of the nation. The reports are saying:

The number of murders in Cincinnati is on pace to be the highest in more than a
quarter century, and it's also higher than the per-capita rates in Ohio's other
major cities.
I am not sure about you, but I do not think that is something to be writing home about. I think it's time for DJ and I to go back to suburbia and get out of the city.

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