Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Lady in My Life

I have a new lady in my life. I have named her Scarlett. Not sure what her real name is so Scarlett will have to do.

Scarlett is a glimpse in my childhood and when I saw her sitting there in the cousin's curio cabinet I just knew I had to have her. Now that I have her sitting out proudly in my living room I don't want her to be alone. I am on the lookout for another lady to join her...maybe Melanie?

This little lady is actually what is called a head vase. They were made in Japan back after WWII and then they made their way into American homes by way of florists. In the top of the hat, or head as it may be, there is a hole. (No comments about all women having holes in their heads, please) In this hole, florists filled with dirt and flowers, and Americans would sit these planters or vases out for all to see. Once the flower died of course they could still be used for decoration.

My grandmother most have received a lot of flowers in the 40's and 50's because I remember her having at least 10 of these ladies sitting on a shelf in her kitchen, peering down at me while I sat the looking up at these strange mysterious women. It was kind of freaky... Plus she had more gazing at me from the living room.

Fast forward to today (and like most of the things in my grandmother's home that no one knows what happened to after she passed),these little ladies are collectors items. Hell, they have their own convention!! And their very own web site called HEAD VASE MUSEUM. These ladies can be found all over the country in garage sales, vintage sales, and flea markets. But bring your pocketbook, because these little ladies like to drain the wallet dry, they will suck the numbers right off your credit card. Some of these women can go for as high as $2,500. Now don't come running over to my house and try to steal Scarlett, thinking she will bring you that much. At last check she was only worth about $250, so HANDS OFF MY LADY! Needless to say I will be collecting these ladies, along with my vintage movie posters and Wizard of Oz Memorabilia.

With my birthday coming up in about 4 days (hint hint) I know a great gift....

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