Sunday, July 20, 2008

Post #555

555 posts! Wow, that is a lot of postings. But then again the blog is almost 5 years old so that is not a lot of posts really.

Well on with the post. I wanted it to be something exciting and memorable for you to read and laugh, however our weekend was not something laughable. It actually was somewhat disheartening. DJ's trusty vehicle, "Linda" a 1998 black Chevy cavalier blew a rod. Now I was somewhat lost as to what this really meant, but I soon found out that it means, she will never grace the highways again. She will go to the graveyard that is specially designed for her breed. Or we could pay over $2,000 to have a new motor placed into her body, but it wouldn't be "Linda" anymore. I mean it would be like a total organ replacement for a human, it just wouldn't never be the same. And spending that much money on her would not guarantee she would last another ten years. So we are on the lookout for a new car to replace "Linda".

Regardless of what we buy, both DJ and I require two things. Gas efficient and the color. It HAS to be a shade of orange. Yes, you heard me orange. So, off we went this weekend car shopping. We have narrowed it down to two models, a Hyundai Accent Hatchback or a Chevrolet Cobalt.

Fortunately for us, the orange colors are only available is certain areas and Cincinnati is one of those areas, due to the legendary Cincinnati Bengals....

So we are pondering our decision, and awaiting the results of our financing to see how much this new purchase is going to set us back per month. But regardless of the monthly cost it beats the $400 a month I am putting out for gas to travel to and from work each month. Stay tuned, maybe by post #600 we will have our new family member!!

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