Thursday, July 17, 2008

King for a Day

I have to start taking my camera everywhere I go. It's a must. Because people never believe me when I tell them the things I see on the way to and from work. Seriously, it's everyday that I see something bizarre or entertaining in my car as I travel the highways and byways of Cincinnati.
Many times it may be a person, or a sign. Sometimes it is an animal or just something strange that sticks out and catches my eye. Today though it was something quite entertaining. As I was driving down a major road in the beautiful Queen City, I saw what had to have been the King of Cincy. He was standing there waiting apparently for the Metro (Cincinnati's Bus Line), minding his business and making sure that everyone knew he was...the man.
I would venture to say he was in his late 60's and decked out in one of the finest polyester suits I have ever seen. His shoes matched the color of the suit, which was almost a turquoise shade. His hair was cropped close, from what I could see, and his general appearance was clean, yet not OCD clean. On every finger and thumb he had at least one golden ring attached to it. Around his neck were several golden necklaces and chains. Over his shoulder was what looked like a golden Louis Vitton bag. And upon his head was the crowing achievement, so to speak.
It was a golden crown with stunning jewel inlaid around the circumference and pearls that lined the tops of each spire. It was a vision of splendor that would have made even the Queen of England green with envy. As I drove past I looked in my rear view mirror and caught my final glimpse of him heading into the bus carry his green garbage bag, ready for another day of whatever it is the King of the City does.
Yes, I need to start taking my camera with me everywhere! There is so much I could share.

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