Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Birthday Week

Yes, last week I got another year older. On Thursday I turned 48 years old. There were no big parades or fanfare, although the team at work went all out with a major "food day" on Thursday, bringing in all kinds of goodies to eat. So all day I indulged in those food items that I should avoid. Cakes, brownies, salsa you name it they had it!

DJ and I celebrated at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Cancun. Over all it was a great birthday week and I didn't suffer too much from the overeating and the high starch, high carb diet. It was one day for goodness sakes.

My favorite girls, Lil Bit, Paris and Louisville Sweetie, all went together and got me a beautiful Fossil watch. I've owned several watches, and at one time I had over 16 but I've never had a Fossil watch. It was a very nice gift and a pleasant surprise.

I received calls from my parents, DJ's mother, all four of my kids and both brothers and my bff Silver wishing me birthday goodness, and I even received a few e-mails and one birthday wish on my blog.
Once it was all said and done, I realized getting older is not that bad. It's just a number, right?

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Lisa said...

Watches are great gifts, made for everyone. I too got a watch of same brand, very similar to yours, from Fossil.