Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet the Neighbors

DJ and I have lived in our apartment now almost a year, and we really have not met our neighbors, or at least all of them. I've never been one of those neighborly kind of people that want to be friends with everyone in the neighborhood. I got that from my mother. As a child I never even knew the woman's name that lived right next door to us.
Well, we finally met our neighbors it all started after DJ and I went to bed....
I was sleeping soundly, dreaming of the apoycalpse (that is another entire blog post) when suddenly I was awaken by....WHAH WHAH WHAH WHAH!! Damn, I thought, time to get up already? It seemed like I just went to bed. I reached over and hit the snooze button, but the sound kept reverberating in my ears, and it seemed to get louder. I reached over and slammed my alarm again, knocking it onto the floor and the sound STILL was coming louder than ever, like I really pissed the alarm clock off. I realized then that it wasn't the alarm and that it must be the fire alarm. So I ran into the dining room and pulled out a chair and stood on top of the chair and tried to turn off the fire alarm. But this wasn't working either. I tried to take the battery out, but to no avail. DJ comes from the bedroom and asks what is going on. I replied I had no idea, the fire alarm would not go off...
No, it wasn't our fire alarm, it was the ENTIRE building alarm and we now were going to have to go outside and wait for the firemen to arrive. We clothed ourselves and headed out to the parking lot where low and behold there were ALL our neighbors!!
There was the cute guy, who lives alone but tonight he came out with his girlfriend; the other cute guy with his wife, both couples had a dog each; then there was the resident nosy neighbor who knows everyone by name and probably their date of birth; the single lady that refused to mingle in the parking lot with us and stood by her door in her robe; the two guys that live right next door to us (two guys in a one bed room apartment?? Could they be...?); the really hot guy downstairs, who for whatever reason did not have his dog, but did have his flip flops on; the other single guy who had his flannel shirt, jeans and work boots on, and DJ and I (who did not even have time to do anything with my hair!!) There was one missing however...the one that no one has ever seen. I didn't even know anyone lived in that apartment. However, how could he NOT hear this alarm?
He, we surmised was the culprit of the 2:30 a.m. meet the neighbors party, as he never came out. And for that matter, after 25 minutes the firemen never arrived either!! The building manager came over and stopped the noise and we all scurried back into our own little worlds.
I wonder if tomorrow anyone will say hello?

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