Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #18

Don't ask me why but this is all that came to mind for my Thursday Thirteen post today...

13 Things That I've Had In My Mouth But Will Never Go There Again!
1) Pet feces. I did that once (as a very small child) and I do not remember it, and I really don't care to find out what it was like.

2) Brussell Sprouts. My mother made them for dinner once and made me sit at the dinner table until they were no longer on my plate. It was dark when I finally left the table.
3) Orange Peel. Have you ever tasted it?? For something that tastes so good on the inside, it is really gross tasting on the outside!

4)Chewing Tobacco. No, It is not that same as smoking!

5) Old Milk. Not on purpose... Need I say more? And no, it does NOT taste like cottage cheese.

6) Dirty Underwear. The Where's, Why's and How's will not be revealed.

7) Lego's. They get stuck in your throat VERY easily.

8) Chocolate Covered Jalapeno. You'd think someone that was addicted to chocolate as I would minded, but WHEW, it was an experience.

9) Shampoo. I was half asleep and went to brush my teeth and grabbed the wrong bottle. I know I don't see how, but I was still asleep.

10) Zest Soap. Mother had her way of keeping us from using filthy language.
11) Beef Jerky. Have you ever noticed that the more you chew the bigger it gets??

12) Orange Marmalade. See #3, Same thing.

13) Mary Jane Candy. Some mean old woman in our neighborhood ALWAYS gave a handful of those out at Halloween. GAG!!

What about you? Anything you'd prefer to never taste again?

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Graham said...

Ever try rocks? The are high in iron but not very digestable.