Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time For A New Look

If you've been a reader of my blog over the past 4 years, you know that it has went through a lot of changes. Remember the "Man of the Week" postings!? You also know that I change my header about as often as I change my bed sheets. (yes it's often!) Maybe you even think that I like change. Not normally. I am a man of routine. Every morning it's the same thing. I set my alarm for an hour earlier than what I need, I hit the snooze button every 9 minutes for another hour. (it is amazing the dreams I have during those 9 minutes!! but that is another complete post). I then almost literally crawl to the shower, for a 20 minute shower, usually on the dot. Yes, I have a clock in the bathroom. Then shave, dress, get my breakfast together and head out the door. I arrive most of the time at work at almost exactly the same time every morning. Except in those few occasions when I hit the snooze one too many times.

I say all of this to try and drive home the fact that I am a pretty stable routine kinda guy. Except for my blog. I am always looking for a great theme or a great banner or something that will catch the eye of the reader. I almost always add a picture to each post that is somehow related to that posting. So when you come to the blog, you really have to look around to make sure it is the same blog that was here the day before. Yes, I change it that often sometimes.

I've even tried to be seasonal. That got old really quick.

Well I got a new computer with a great new 17" flat screen monitor, so my blog looks even bigger. (at least from my perspective,...but isn't that always the case with men??) With the new computer there were also some new pre-installed programs, one of which added some new features to my Paint Shop Pro program that I have used for years. So you may as well get ready. As I have created a whole slew of new banners!!! Maybe I could post them in one of my upcoming postings and let you all vote for the one you like the best and maybe I will be content for a while. I really like this one, alot. I think I will keep it for a while. Let me know what you think of it, would you. That is if I keep it up long enough for you to have a chance to see it!
I have also updated my blogroll (Other's Realities) took off some dead links added some great new finds, check them out. I may plan on highlighting some of my favorites in the future. Just don't start reading them and forget all about me!
And this is for all the girls at work...


graham said...

Lovin the new look cuz, and you are looking rather handsome too! I love your blog, Lord knows I can never keep one going so I suppose i will blog vicariously through yours!

HughE Dillon said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love the video!!