Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #16


1) Showering, after 40 days one would really become rank.

2) Texting, isn't amazing how much we rely on the newest technology already?

3) Sex, need I say more?

4) Cottage Cheese! You know how I love cottage cheese. I so wish Chiptole would carry cottage cheese.

5) SIMS 2, yes I'm a geek.

6) Movies of any kind, DVD or in the theater. Sorry just can't go 40 days without a good cinematic indulgence.

7) Blogging, even though sometimes it seems like I go 40 days with out posting anything.

8) American Idol! Yes it is true, I have become addicted, and during it's hiatus I even watched the American Idol replay shows. Pathetic, I know.

9) Work. Honestly I could not give up work for 40 days. Number one I'd go mad, and number 2 I'd loose my job.

10) Talking to DJ, hell I can't even go a day without talking to him...actually not even a few hours.

11) Internet, that goes without saying I suppose.

12) My vehicle, could you imagine having no personal transportation and have to depend upon public transportation, you know that is the great equalizer.

13) Pizza, Chocolate, Biscuits, Eggs, Hamburger, DJ's desserts, you know all those things I am not supposed to be eating due to my diabetes. Hey can some one fix me a Margarita!?

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