Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Call Me Daddy!

No, this is not a posting about the 20 year age difference between DJ and I and how I'm his big gay daddy. Actually we have never even thought of ourselves as that way...well except that one time we went camping and the people camping next to us thought I WAS his daddy...

This is even more entertaining than talking gay stereotypes. I came into work today and was immediately accosted by my beautiful "work wife", Paris. (Not her real name, but Paris is her hero)

"I need to talk to you..." She says with that I've been up to no good look in her eye, and that smile that could melt a thousand hearts. Did I really want to hear this? Before my first cup of coffee? Okay I took the plunge... "what?"

"I had a dream about you last night. And I'm not sure what this means, but... we had a baby together!"

THAT, I was not expecting. "Really, and what was it, I mean sex wise?"

"A girl, and we named her Matilda." The cubicle partner of Paris overhears the conversation and chimes in... "OMG If you two had a kid, it would have to be gay." What gay men can't have straight children? I hate to kill another gay stereotype, but I have four children, and they are all straight. Well not any of them have came out if they are gay, and with a gay dad, you'd think they'd be pretty open about that.

Me a Dad?? That is really scary. And even though Paris is an extraordinary and amazing woman in order for us to have a child we would have had to... well let's not think of that. She did say however that the dream was only about the birth process and not the conception.

So, Paris and I have a child, our darling little Matilda, that we will call Mattie. I ask you, as Paris asked me... Just what does this mean??


Graham said...

Conrgrats!! What a beautiful beautiful baby girl, good luck with her, and your work wife is a hottie. How many years are their between the two of you?

What does this mean? I am not a dream interpretur (or a good speller)but if it was you having the dream I'd say you had some sexual identiy issues, but for Paris having this dream well, I think she wants to have a baby, and she would prefer it to be with a man that she could trust as she is able to trust you. Just my opinion...

James in Texas said...

You go Daddy! That's one hot mamma!!! :-)