Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two Times a Charm?

Yeah, I got it again. The damn flu! twice in less than 30 days. It hit me Wednesday while at work and I thought I had actually beat it, but by 8:30 my fever spiked to worlds unknown and I was actually hallucinating! Was in the bed, out all day Thursday and most of the day Friday. Aches, headache, fever, the big D word, chills, sweats, no appetite and just plain drained of any energy whatsoever.

Finally today I was able to sit up without getting dizzy and actually took a shower, as I am sure I stunk. Unfortunately DJ also got the bug, even though he did nurse me all day Thursday, by Friday he too was in bed. We were a mess. Now I am dealing with the blah feeling and some aches, and severe congestion and coughing, but hopefully the worst is behind me. It has hit our area hard, several people at work have been out, and DJ's employer had to cancel a meeting due to all his employees that were sick.

Let's hope that this is it for the flu and me this year. I can not afford anymore sickness!!


Anonymous said...

Somehow I feel responsible for your "sickness"....I have heard of two really good nurses I could send over the next time you are "feeling under the weather"...their names are Eugene and Eunice.

Graham said...

So sorry you are feeling so sick! So I take it the flu is rampant out there in the midwest eh? Well rest assured "cuz" California is being hit too.