Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Goodbye

Today my cousins said goodbye to their mother. The glue that held them together. My Aunt Joyce was always a small little lady, but a strong one. She was the epitome of strong. One of the strongest women I was ever blessed to have in my life. She married my uncle, a young service man, just starting out in the Airforce. She left her home and family to travel with him across the country as he served in Korea and Vietnam. She mothered five children, each one grew up and gained some of her strength. During those years she remained strong, being a mother and wife, but enjoying life. That she did. She enjoyed her life, she loved her life and dearly loved her family.

She lost her mother at a young age, but remained strong. Later in life, a few years ago she lost a son. Something a mother nor any parent should have to do, bury a child. But even in this she continued to remain strong. Through her own brain surgery in her 40's, through the illness that plagued and finally took her husband, and then to her own struggle over the past few years with the cancer that finally took it's toll. She fought every one of those battles with a determination and strength that others only wished they had.

Many of the women in my life have been strong women, but Aunt Joyce was truly one of the strongest. I thank God for the blessing of her in my life. The strength she showed me, the love she gave me and the compassion she shared with me.

I can not even to begin to imagine how her family must feel today, but I know if they learnt anything from their mother, they are being strong. Showing their strength... no her strength, in a time of pain.

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Steve said...

Awwww, I'm so sorry :(