Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Opportunity Knocking

A year ago I began a new job. In a career that I had been employed before, I was happy to just be working again, and working in something I was both familiar with and comfortable. Not only did I find a great job, I really think I found a great employer. Yes, there are days, but overall I can honestly say that I really LOVE my job!. How many people can actually say that and mean it? After my yearly review last week, I realize just how fortunate I am.

Now another possible opportunity has rose. A position has come available within my department. It will probably pay more, and my responsibilities will increase. However, I will not be in what I call, the "trenches". Everyday something new arises and I feel accomplished at the end of the week, or when a case settles. In the position that has become available it will be more of a group effort, and I will be overlooking several cases, and making sure our team completes tasks within time frames that we have been given. So, the question is...am I at a point in my life where job comfort is more important than the financial benefits? Or am I willing to step into a challenge and maybe reap more benefits down the road. I may not even get the position that has become available, but the choice of even wanting to apply is something that I have already put a lot of effort into.

Not only do I have a possible opportunity, but DJ has also been given a possible opportunity. With being employed at his newest job for only two months, he has been offered the opportunity to move into a middle management position. He would travel all over the continental US and train employees in new stores that open. He would be gone two weeks at a time who knows how many weeks a year. He would move from a serving position being paid minimum wage+ tips, to a salaried position. He has shown great interest in this position, and I also think it is a great opportunity not only for him, but our household. But do I want to give him up for two weeks at a time?

Doors open all the time for us, however sometimes we need to walk through them, and other times we have to just stand at the doorway and look in. How will it change us if we walk through? Will it be for the good, or not so good. Either way DJ and I decide, we will still have our jobs, that in itself is a blessing for us. But do we take these opportunities, or are the opportunities something that we will regret down the road.

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