Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thirteen Thursday #10

Thirteen Things to Do to Survive the Christmas Holidays...

1- Tell everyone you lost your job and you have no $$, so that way they don't expect and gifts from you.

2- Go to Aruba

3- Ignore it. No tree, no cards, no shopping.

4- Take off all your clothes and run around in the snow, that way you get the flu and have to miss all the parties and festivities.

5- Stay drunk from Thanksgiving to New Years.

6- Fake it. Hey women do it all the time!

7- Win the lottery in October

8- Bake cookies, decorate your home to make it look like Santa threw up in it, have a Christmas party every Saturday inviting the same guests.

9- Watch Surviving Christmas over and over and over until you go into a coma.

10- Change your phone number

11- Go on a crash diet from September to November loosing 25 pounds, that way you can enjoy the holidays without guilt.

12- Therapy

13- Just let it happen, it's going to anyway. Enjoy it, they only come once a year...


Anonymous said...

Please note that I am saying this EXTREMELY QUIETLY!!!! These were funny :o)

BentonQuest said...

Too funny! I think the losing weight is a good idea. Unfortunately, weight seems to have a great GPS system and can find me quickly.