Friday, December 07, 2007

All I Want For Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner I began thinking last night not what I really want for Christmas, but what I really NEED for Christmas. I pondered this question for a while and realized there is not really anything that I really need.

I have a great partner that I love more with each day that passes, and he loves me in return. I have four great kids and two great grandkids and a family that loves me. I have a great job that I enjoy going to... at least three days out the week. I have both my parents, still healthy and happily married. I am alive, and somewhat healthy with both my MS and diabetes under control. I have a great new apartment that keeps me warm and cozy. I have food in my fridge and plenty of water. So many things I have that I take for granted.

So, do I really need that 42" plasma screen TV, a new cell phone, more clothes, or a new upgrade on my computer? No, not really. Do I need any of those things? Well not really do I need them, but that 42" Plasma TV would look really great in my great, new and Cozy apartment!!

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Anonymous said...

that 42¨ plasma sounds nice and u should get it your kids would love it. and maybe u should get that upgrade on your computer