Sunday, June 05, 2005


I decided to re-do the blog layout for the summer season mainly due to the fact that today it hit 90 degrees and our air conditioning is out. Yes we were hot, and not in the sexual way. Although the extra heat and sweat does kind of make you a little wanton. Well it does me anyway. But no go, as I have my two youngest sons here for a few days. Their summer vacation began June 1st and they have been at Dad's since then.

We had a respite from the heat today for a few hours when we went over to Silver's house for a grill out and an afternoon of D&D. He has air conditioning and a brand new grill. We enjoyed ourselves and ate way too many metts.

Received a phone call from EER today. EER is an old (not age wise) friend that use to room with DJ and I a few years ago. She moved back home to NH after having a gastric by-pass surgery and now has returned to Cincinnati to raise her child which is due later this year. It is good to have her back where she belongs. We are planning on getting together next week for a dinner and catch up on all the latest news with her.

DJ and I have also been offered a rental option. Another friend of ours is looking for someone to rent a home previously occupied by her BF. It is in a better part of town, closer to our parents and hopefully it has air conditioning! We will find out more tomorrow and then possibly see if we can take a look at it this week. If it fits into our budget and is able to accommodate our little family, then maybe we will be moved before my birthday in July.

Well I'm still sweating, and it's not getting any cooler and DJ is already in bed, my sons are passed out asleep, so I suppose it is time for me to say goodbye to another great weekend and wake to another Monday morning.

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