Monday, June 20, 2005

Reality Check

Today was Father's Day. Being a father is one of the greatest gifts I have received. My four children have saved my life many times. I've been a father now going on 24 years. Hard to believe. It seems like yesterday when my oldest was born and I experienced that joy of holding my own child for the first time. Now he is grown and starting his own family. My two youngest went back home today after staying a few days with Dad. I wish I could see them more often. I talked to all of the kids today, and that was the best father's day present anyone could hope for.

I talked to my own father today. He is doing well and enjoying retirement. But as I was talking to him tonight I could tell that sometimes being a father is heart wrenching. My youngest brother, my father's baby boy is having open heart surgery Tuesday. I could hear in the sound of his voice the worry. Gary will be 35 in September and for the last year or so he has become weaker and unable to work. After several test, and visits back and forth to the doctors they determined that the valve replacement he had at the age of 18 months was in dire need of replacement. So Tuesday he undergoes an 8 hour surgery to correct the problem.

I can not begin to imagine the worry my parents are experiencing, not to mention my brother and his wife. Reality Checks are sometimes needed to keep us in touch with life, but they can be painful.

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