Friday, June 10, 2005

I Need a REAL Job

Sometimes work is not all that it is cracked up to be, but somedays it is just down right entertaining as hell. I work for DJ's grandparents. They own several properties and I along with DJ's mother Momma D, help manage them. I work at the main location where DJ's grandmother (Granny D) has her office. Upstairs over this office is an apartment where DJ's uncle (Uncle D) lives. On Friday's DJ's grandfather (Gramps) comes to the main office and spends the day. Gramps suffered a stroke almost two years ago, and lost a leg to diabetes back in November, so he has a motorized wheelchair. Well here was what happened today;

Granny D and Gramps got into a very loud argument. This happens occasionally with the two of them, but more often with Uncle D and Granny D. Gramps is usually the calm, mild mannered one. Not today. They yelled at one another for about 4 or 5 minutes when Uncle D decided to put his 2 cents worth in. Before I realized what was going on, Gramps was out the door in his motorized wheelchair, yelling he was going home. Now his home is about 15 miles away. Granny D runs outside after him, jumps on the golf cart that we have to transport ourselves around the 8 acre lot where the office is, and CHASES HIM down the sidewalk!!. This is a residential neighborhood with a few small businesses around, but there is a lot of sidewalk traffic. So we have a 68 year old woman in a golf cart, chasing a 66 year old man in a motorized wheelchair. To make matters worse, their 41 year old son, who is wearing Bermuda shorts and white support hose to his knees is now chasing the two of them on foot. They all three finally did return, but the day got progressively worse. They stopped talking to one another, and used me as a mediator!

I just sat outside and laughed until I almost pissed my pants. I so wish I would have had a video camera, that would definitely have one the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos and I would be able to have quit working with these psychos!!

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Graham said...

OMG!! Too damn funny. You should take a camera every day, that way at least get some shots. SOund like they have some issues. Hope it don't rub off...hehehe