Monday, January 14, 2008

The Reason Why...

Well hello! I have been told that I need to update my blog. I was excited actually. I didn't think anyone was even reading it, but I get not one but several requests to update??? Great! Thanks for reading, but since my last post things have went a little...crazy.

First of all my grand-daughter was hospitalized after a high fever caused by an ear infection caused her to go into seizures. We found out that this is somewhat common when infants have a spike in a fever. However, Alana continued to seize almost 50 minutes, which caused concern for the medical professionals treating her and fear for her parents. But everything is back to normal in my daughter's household, Alana is back home with no ill side effects. Mommy is doing well after the scare and the new baby is due February 29th. A Leap year baby.

Then last week I caught my own bug, Thursday I awoke to flu-like symptoms and continued to get worse as the day progressed and finally had to leave work and miss Friday. I was sick most of the weekend, finally feeling somewhat back to normal on Sunday.

So all the sickness has passed for the year. Let's hope anyway. It's not even the middle of January and I have had enough to do me the rest of the year. Think positive, right?

So that is my lame excuse for not blogging as often as I had promised, but for those of you out there that do read my postings, I will continue to try and stay well, and post more often.

Speaking of posting, it's that time of the year for all those awards shows. You all know how I love them, and I was deeply hurt that the Golden Globes were cancelled, but the winners were still announced and no suprises in my mind. Like the winners, Daniel Day-Lewis and Johnny Depp. Moveis like Sweeny Todd and Atonement. I just pray that the Oscars do not get cancelled. OMG! What will I do on Oscar night???

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BentonQuest said...

Glad things have calmed down for you! Sounds like just way too much going on.

I love the banner for you blog. Did you take the picture? It is great.

Blessings on a wonderful new year!