Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Things I've Learnt About People and Human Nature

1) People are not always what they seem.

2) People have secrets that if found out, they think will lose them friends; and they are probably right.

3) Women are more honest about personal issues, whereas Men are more honest about work related issues.

4) True friends are few and far between.

5) Most heterosexual men are not secure in their sexuality around gay men.

6) Most heterosexual women can feel at ease and comfortable with gay men.

7) Never discuss religion and politics in a social setting.

8) Women are just as concerned about their careers as men, some even more so.

9) People will lie if put up against the wall.

10) Unconditional love can be found, but it is extremely rare.

11) Men are more willing to help out their friend financially than women.

12)Women are more willing to help out a friend emotionally than men.

13) This would be a terrible place to live if we were all alike and didn't have our friends.

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