Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moment of Truth

I just watched the new FOX show The Moment Of Truth. I had hoped that this show would have lived up to all it's hype and looking forward to being entertained by the contestants spilling their guts in embarrassing fashion. After about 5 minutes of the way through, the novelty had faded, and I grew weary of the same old reality show ploys. The long pauses. The dramatic music. The clunky editing. The contestants and their family visibly being dragged along. And just when you manage to overlook all those flaws and get engrossed in what’s happening, they stop everything and cut to commercial.
They did ask some pretty bold questions. Sure, there are several ridiculously easy ones that are of no consequence to the contestants, but there some delving relationship questions that remind us of the nature of the human behavior. But then again, this is all contrived and rigged and the family knows the same. However when the first contestant got beat by "lying" he went to his wife to share a kiss and she visibly pushed him away. Was it the fact that he lied about touching some of his female clients a "little more" than what was required? Or was it due to the fact he doesn't want to have children with her because he is not sure she is his "lifelong partner"?

I doubt that i’ll tune in again . It would work much better with a faster pace in a half hour format. So my moment of truth is, just give me American Idol!

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