Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen Men I'd Run Away With... (If I Were Single of Course!)

13. James Marsters - Not to be confused with #3
12. John Barrowman - He's gay, and his boyfriend is hot too!
11. Johnny Depp - I love a man that is as enigmatic as he is.
10. Matthew McConaughey - But he'd have to wear either deodarant or cologne
9. Jake Gyllenhaal - Love his chest!
8. Bill Murray - Well, just because some say we resemble one another.
7. Rob Lowe - He has gotten so much better with age.
6. Leonardo Dicaprio - Another that has gotten better with age.
5. Viggo Mortensen - He can speak in several languages!
4. Brad Pitt - But Angelina would have to go, and all those kids!
3. James Marsden - As long as he takes me on the set of X-Men
2. Chris Evans - Another hot chest!
1. Patrick Dempsey - Dr. McDreamy, what more needs to be said?

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BentonQuest said...

How can you ignore Nick Beyeler? :P