Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Too Much Time On My Hands

I have really got to get a job! I have WAY too much time on my hands. I now have 7 different blogs that I write, two flickr accounts that I maintain, and 6 e-mail accounts. Not to mention that I have been writing like mad since I opened my account on Plus I also signed up for two online survey accounts. I am sure DJ is tired of the time I spend on the computer doing really NOTHING.

Well I do have a routine. Every morning I get up and check my e-mail, and then I check the job postings on the three accounts I have,; and and then post my resume. So I am at least doing something pertinent.

I talked to a friend tonight and found out that the relationship that they had been in for the last three years is over. They have went their separate ways and divided their things and have called it quits. Now they are starting over, again. I know how hard that is and I feel for them and hope that things will look up soon. They have told me they are ready to have some quality time with themselves and not get into another relationship right away. I hope that they do.

Speaking of time, where has September gone!? It is already the 20th of the month. I can not believe how fast it is going. It is going to be Christmas before we know it! Well I have to go, I just heard a ding on the computer and I have to check and see what e-mail account has new mail. Or maybe someone bought another one of my books on Lulu, or possibly I have another survey to take....

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