Saturday, September 23, 2006

Clearing My Head

If you recall I told you the other day about all the time I had on my hands and all the mundane things I do to fill that time. Well I began to think about all the time I was wasting on things that were not all that important. I mean I enjoy blogging but do I really need 7 of them? No one reads them anyway, right? So I cleaned house. I now only have three blogs and they are all under one account. I have Reality Check, which I will probably never get rid of, even though I have said on numerous occasions that I was closing it, just to reappear. I like blogging about my life, even if it isn't all that interesting to others, it is therapeutic for me.

The other two blogs, A Reality Past, is a compilation of research that I have been doing since 1980. It is my genealogy. My family tree. Some of my family members have wanted me to put all the information that I have researched into book form. But I find that very tedious, so instead I have started posting family bios via blogger. That way they can get the information they want and even copy the pictures that I have found and gathered over the last 26 years.
My other obsession is movies. All kinds of movies. I love the old ones, the classics, the bad ones and current ones. So what does one do with that kind of obsession? They blog about it. That is what Cinemania! is about. So if any of those interest you feel free to check them out.

So by eliminating 4 blogs and keeping only three I think I am in the right direction in freeing all this time I have on my hands. Plus, hopefully I will find out if I get that job I interviewed for on Monday by next week so my time spent blogging will be limited after that. It's a good thing. Trust me! Also by eliminating those blogs I feel I have more time for my other obsession, writing. Who knows maybe now that I have restructured these un-important details of my life I can work on the important ones.

That's a scary thought.

Good news on the finance front. DJ got a job!! Yes, he is returning to the ever-exciting world of serving tables. He has worked in the service industry before and enjoys it. Not only that, he is GOOD at it. He has the knack, the patience and the personality it requires to be a good server. It takes a special kind of person to serve tables, and Lord knows I'm not that type of person. DJ on the other hand is a pro. Due to these skills he always made excellent tips. This news came just in time, as we received a notice today from our rental company. It's time to renew our lease. I was being a bit hesitant about that due to being unemployed, but now we can stay here!! I really do not want to move again, at least not for a while. All we need now is for that call on Monday saying that I too will join the ranks of the gainfully employed.

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