Friday, September 15, 2006

Looking Up

Things seem to be moving in a new direction around here the last two or three days. I received a response from my resume and had a phone interview last night and a person-to-person on Monday. It is with the local cable company so I would also receive free cable and Internet service in my benefit package. Hell that alone is worth it!

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I have published some of my work on for distribution. So far I've had several hits on my site three and have three book purchases! All that in less than 48 hours of posting my work. So lets hope this continues. I wasn't sure about self publishing, but has a very simple procedure and very cost effective. If you are interested is getting your work out there for others to see you may want to check them out.

Due to the response I have received from my book postings I have been working on some of the other work that I had put aside. I have been writing for over 15 or twenty years just as a way to release stress. Some of the works were just a page or two, but others were full compositions. Not edited of course, so I have been going through my database and notebooks working on editing and completing some of my writings. I added a third book just last night for purchase on

If you would like to read my work I have put a link on the right hand side of my blog. Just hit that link and it will take you to and put my books into your cart for purchase. Thanks in advance!

Other than that everything has been somewhat quiet around here. I'd say things are looking up.

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