Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Published!

Over three years ago I started blogging to help me overcome my writer's block. I never really got over the block, and now I have 7 blogs...But

I published my first two books. It is not what I envisioned my books to be, but hey they are out there. Now for the small price of only $3.25 per book you can download my words onto your computer for your reading enjoyment.

I've been writing for most of my adult life and I've never actually even let anyone read what I've written, except for a couple of people. Now it's online for anyone who wants to read it. I also have several books I've started but never finished, and maybe now that I have actually put something out there I will have the drive to finish them and publish them as well.

They are e-books and you can find them here...REALITY CHECK.

Who knows, if these go over well maybe I will actually use to really publish them into a hardback book and send them out to bookstores. And if it goes even better maybe I can call a screenwriter and see if maybe I can make a movie based on my short stories.

Now who would I want to play me??? hmmmmm

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