Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ten Days Later

I know it has been ten days since my last posting, but starting a new job kind of takes getting some used to. I mean my entire schedule is thrown off. Prior to getting this fantastic new job, my days and nights were reserved for...well nothing but blogging and playing SIMS. Now my days are filled with preparing legal briefs, letters, taking phone calls, preparing more legal briefs and fillings, talking to courts, judges, attorneys and clerks. Most of my day consists of being in front of a computer screen, so when I get home I really don't feel like sitting back down in front of a computer screen.

I thought I may be able to post some entries from work during my lunch hour, but that is not possible. We are allowed on the Internet during our lunch hour, but many sites (including blogger) are blocked. So forget keeping you informed from my office. Yes, you heard me right my office. Not that I am in it yet, but I will be sharing an office with another paralegal in a few weeks. That will be nice. I can concentrate on my work in an office much better than out on the floor where there are a plethora of conversations hoovering around my cubicle.

So as I can, I will continue to post and fill you in on all the happenings here in my world. Just let me get into a routine and let the "newness" of my new found employment status wear off.

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