Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas. NOT!

Yes it is only five days away, but it doesn't feel like it. Why you ask? I'll give you a few reasons...

1. I have no money: Not that Christmas is all about money and giving gifts and receiving gifts (well it has become all about that) but being unemployed for five months I have no cash to spare to buy anyone, anything. Not even my kids and grandkids. I've told them all they have to wait until Spring. Thank goodness they all understand. Even DJ and I are not buying for one another. What Christmas gifts we are giving are those that DJ has created from his own hands.

2. There is no Snow: What is Christmas without snow? Hell it hasn't even been that cold around here. The forecasters are saying it is going to be around 50 on Christmas Eve. It seems more like late March or early April around here.

3. No Christmas Cards. Well that's a lie, I have received two. One from my new employer and one from Kare Bear in Savannah. But due to our move most of my friends (the few I have) either don't send out cards or do not have my new address. For family sending out cards the only ones I get, I will receive on Christmas Eve, hand delivered.

4. Not Been Shopping: Due to the lack of money (see #1) we haven't had to shop. To be honest, this is a good one, as I hate to shop at Christmas. Nothing puts me in a worse mood than fighting crazy traffic, standing in long lines and listening to annoying Christmas songs permeating out of bad loudspeakers. I'm not a Scrooge, but online shopping is great. When you have the funds that is.

5. No Christmas Programs: I am normally invited to at least one school or church Christmas program (not that I usually go, but they could at least ask) This year nada, not one. Not even from my brother, who almost always invites me to his church's annual Christmas Cantata (what DOES that word mean anyway?)

6. No Christmas Bonus: For the past ten years I have always received a Christmas bonus, either cash or the classic holiday ham or turkey. This year due to my employment (see #1, again) I did not receive a Christmas bonus. They handed them out at work today, but being only employed with this company for a week and and half I didn't expect one. (you'd think they'd pro-rate it!)

So, Alas Christmas is upon us, but to me it seems like just any old holiday. Christmas doesn't arrive here until December 25, 2007. I have 370 days left to shop!!!!!

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