Friday, December 01, 2006

Blowing in the Wind

Well December is here. It came in with a bang too. We had temps this past week in the 60's and last night our temp dropped and then the winds blew in winter. Today it's only about 30 degrees and the winds were so high overnight and this morning that Christmas decorations were blown all over the neighborhood. DJ awoke this morning and had to go hunting for the garbage can, which had blown a block away.

Today was also the day I had hoped to hear from my most recent job interview. So far I've heard nothing. I thought it was pretty promising as I knew several employees there and had hoped this would be a benefit. The interviews (2 of them) went quite well and I thought for sure I would have heard something by now. I just keep my fingers crossed and continue hoping.

It has been five months now that I have been unemployed and I've had ten interviews with even more applications that were submitted to several employers. Still nothing. It would be nice going into the holiday season knowing I have a job, but I suppose we will just have to wait and see. Sooner or later the winds should blow in my direction.

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