Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Running on Empty

For the past few nights I've had a really hard time trying to sleep. With everything going on, and job interviews and waiting for some word it has had me pretty stressed. Last night I wasn't able to sleep at all, so I am running on empty tonight.
But all the worry and stress was not necessary as I received word tonight that I start at my new job Monday morning!!
After 5 months of being unemployed and going to interview after interview it has finally paid off. I will be working for a small law firm downtown as an administrative/attorney assistant and will possibly head up their assistant program if they see the need for more assistants.
This is what I did back about 3 years ago with a much larger firm until they did cut backs and cut me out. I loved it then, and with a smaller firm I am sure it will not be as stressful and mind boggling. Needless to say I am excited and ready to get back into the 9 to 5 and a real job, as the last job I had you really couldn't call a job.
So I am sure my postings will be a little more upbeat in the future, but of course I will not be able to discuss my work, but I can give you general updates on how it's going.
For now I just need to go to bed, get a good nights rest and refuel my tank!

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