Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All is Well

If you read my blog regularly you know for some time I have been concerned about my mother. She seems to forget things, not just forget things but forget conversations that she has just had. Finally after months of prodding and begging she went to the doctor and had a check up and had some tests run. Luckily everything came back normal. There was no indication that she is suffering from Alzheimer's. The doctor stated that she is just having normal "old age" forgetfulness. Personally I think her doctor is a quack, but tests don't lie. So for now my concerns were unwarranted.

On my home front, DJ and I are settled into his mother's basement. So far it's quite comfortable and feels like home (somewhat). I also have a couple job opportunities that have become open to me. I have sent out the resumes this week and look forward to upcoming interviews. Hopefully a job will come along soon and we will once again be packing and moving back into our own place.

Sunday I was able to spend some time with my daughter and grand-daughter. They came over for a visit with "Papa". It is so hard to believe she has gotten so big already. She will be three months on the 11th but it already seems like she is always been here. She is beginning to look a little more like her mom and less like her dad. This weekend J2 will be coming to spend the weekend. It will be be interesting to see how he adjust to me living here. But overall, all is well.

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