Monday, November 13, 2006


Since moving in with DJ's parents we have had to share the internet service. Which is problematic, so we decided to purchase the wireless internet service that their internet provider was offering. After four hours of dealing with my internet provider, I finally reconnected to the the internet via wireless...

We had to purchase a new wireless modem from the provider, which we were charged $42.00 (for the service so they said, not the equipment). We asked them point blank..."now is this ALL we need to be able to set up multiple computers via this wireless modem?"

Their reply was..."Yep, you don't need anything else."

So we popped home and set up everything. But there was nothing in their $42.00 bundle that we had to hook up to the second computer. How do we connect to the internet on the second computer without any adpaters or plugs or cords? I mean I am pretty up on current technology and I know we would have to do something to the second computer to allow it to pick up the feed. So we called tech support.

According to tech support we also had to purchase a wireless USB adapter for the second computer as my computer did not have a wireless card. So we called our internet provider back and complained that we did NOT have all the tools to be able to connect to the service that we had just paid $42.00 for. Their response was..."Oh well, you will have to have an adapter to connect to the service, we are sorry that was not explained to you."

So off to Best Buy and another $69.00 for a wireless adapter.

But now all is well and DJ's sister can be on the internet the same time that I am and on her wireless cell phone as well. All is good.

Isn't technology great?

As long as you have the money it is.

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Stewart Sternberg said...

Why must marketing lack integrity.

Here's another example for parents facing christmas shopping for game consoles. Buy an XBOX 360..and its about three hundred. Want to play old XBOX games? Of course you do. Another hundred for the hard drive. Want to connect to the internet to do neat things? Another hundred. How about a wireless controller? Fifty.
Going to need games. What about three of them? All together we are looking at a parent shelling out close to seven hundred dollars so their child won't be damaged psychologically when relating to peers.

And the Playstation III starts around six hundred, I've heard. Shudder.