Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A New Toy

I got a new toy today...

Now before your mind goes to the gutter, it is a blood glucose meter.

It's actually quite interesting. It takes my test results (after I poke myself with this needle that is triggered in a nice "pricking" mechanism) and places them in a category, before meal, after meal so on and so forth. It also comes with a port that I can attach to my computer and send my results right to the doctor's office!! Technology is amazing isn't it?

So I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes today. Yeah, I got a bit depressed, but to be honest I'm glad I know, now I can treat it and hopefully start feeling better. None of the symptoms or problems I have been having over the past few months have been due to my MS, but instead are diabetic related.

When I arrived at the doctor's office they took my blood glucose and it was 310. 100 is where they would like for it to be. So the doctor came in, I gave him the low-down about my diet, my family history and then he began to tell me his treatment. Which consists right now of two medications, one that I take with breakfast (yes, I am going to have to start eating breakfast, bummer huh?) and another I take after meals, before dinner. He says I should start seeing and feeling results within a few days.

I also have to take my blood glucose test periodically throughout the day, first thing in the morning before I eat, then one hour after meals and then before bed. This will give him an idea of where I am at, and how to better treat me.

All in all, I think I can deal with this. I mean I've dealt with MS for 16 years, and I know that now I have diabetes, so now I can change my eating and exercise habits to try and help myself. Or do nothing and wind up shortening my life expectancy. Which do I want? Dumb question huh?

So begins another chapter in my life. Stay tuned, I'm sure it's going to get better. Especially once I get my sugar under control, the doctor wants to work on me quitting smoking!!


John ate Peyote said...

Best of luck with your health

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are on the road to taking care of yourself....I will tell the bacon-ater you said farewell......

Bernard said...


Best of luck with this. As a long time Type 1, can I suggest you look at TuDiabetes.

It's a social networking site for folks with diabetes, and their families. It was started a few months ago by a buddy of mine and now have nearly 800 members. You'd probably find a lot of useful information and help here.

With the MS, can you do much exercise? That's usually a good way to work on keeping Type 2 at bay a bit.